Five Product Innovations that Evolved Over Time


The product innovations that generate the most excitement and public interest are the disruptive innovations. However, these innovations aren’t that common. The most successful, innovative companies strike a balance between core, adjacent, and transformational initiatives. To illustrate how this can happen, it’s helpful to look at innovations that evolved over time. Some product innovations aren’t created by the company at all.

How to look beyond product innovation in medium enterprises


One of the most common myths when leading idea management in medium enterprises is that you should strongly focus efforts on product innovation, as the ultimate goal is to have the next big thing. The post How to look beyond product innovation in medium enterprises appeared first on Exago. Blog Insights initiative-success innovation management medium enterprises product innovation


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Improve Product Innovation with Internal and External Feedback


Customers are integral to the product innovation process.?. Product innovation is all about new ideas from both your employees and your customers. Trying to develop a new product without input from your customers is akin to shooting arrows in the dark.

Five Product Innovation Misconceptions You Should Ignore


Product innovation is a difficult process, and it’s even more challenging when your path forward is based on inaccurate conceptions about the process. The post Five Product Innovation Misconceptions You Should Ignore appeared first on Sopheon.

A PM's Guide to Building a Culture of Product Innovation

Speaker: Bob Webber, VP Product Flow Optimization, Construx

Attend this webinar to benchmark your organization’s innovation potential and learn what it takes to create a culture of innovation!

Exploring the Role of the C-Suite in Product Innovation


One of the many problems with the “lone genius in the garage” view of innovation is that too often, the C-suite is stylized as the people who say “no” to a brilliant idea, only to regret it later. There’s even a small cottage industry of articles about the series Shark Tank, sometimes analyzing and sometimes mocking how business geniuses didn’t get in on the ground floor of hit products like Ring or Chef Big Shake. Best Practice product innovation

Six critical questions for successful product innovation


Six questions every company should ask to innovate well and ensure a successful product launch. The post Six critical questions for successful product innovation appeared first on Sopheon.

Can We Have One of These? A Product Innovation Platform

Paul Hobcraft

Recently I was exploring the world of Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and read an excellent Whitepaper from Aras Corp , one of the leading PLM solution providers. I have argued we do need to change the way we undertake innovation and its development. I am really frustrated by the legacy we have in our processes, systems and the ways we approach innovation, and its development lifecycle. A truly open innovation platform. Aras PLM Product Innovation Platform.

Digital transformation marks the demise of product innovation

Jeffrey Phillips

I'm going to stipulate that the business cycle and innovation are at a tipping point. For close to 20 years (dating approximately from when Jobs returned to Apple) we've been living in the product innovation era. Several converging forces There are several reasons why we'll see at least a slow decline in product innovation, if not a collapse. Innovation hasn't delivered on its promises in many cases. Most companies don't innovate entirely new products.

How To Leverage Mimetic Theory For Product Innovation


In short, the theory suggests that all conflict is based on envy – you can think about it as an expanded “keeping up with the Jones” – all of our drives and… The post How To Leverage Mimetic Theory For Product Innovation appeared first on IDEATE + EXECUTE.

Forget products, innovate your business model

Jeffrey Phillips

Innovation and change destroy complacent, unchanging business structures and models. Product life cycles are collapsing - I was recently in a conference where a camera manufacturer estimated the average shelf life for a new camera was between 3 and 6 months, or less than half the product development cycle time! Instead they offer single solutions or products that are equal to or better than what the banks offer, in areas that are more profitable.

Short Feedback Loops: The Key to Building Innovative Products

Speaker: Johanna Rothman - Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

In this webinar, "The Pragmatic Manager" Johanna Rothman will teach you why and how creating Short Feedback Loops at all levels drives product innovation!

Ten Questions to Answer Before Using Social Tools for Product Innovation

Innovation Excellence

The effectiveness of social media for outbound marketing activities, i.e. getting the news out about new products offerings, and interacting with customers, is well known. collaboration Innovation Open Innovation Product Innovation R&D Social Innovation Social Media Product Development product innovation social innovation

Is Social Media Part of Your Product Innovation Strategy?


Social media can connect you to innovators of all stripes. That creates a truly powerful resource of creativity on which to draw for your innovation strategy. Here’s how, and when, to use social media as part of your innovation strategy. If you do these things, these communities can be a powerful source of innovation. Want to learn more about social media and innovation strategy? The post Is Social Media Part of Your Product Innovation Strategy?

Leading and Managing Product Innovation Teams [interview]

Innovation Excellence

What I didn’t expect was the reflective advice it would provide on leadership and management, Innovation Interviews Leadership Management Product Innovation R&D Conflict Management Innovation Management Innovation Teams Interview ip New Product Development (NPD) PodcastI enjoyed watching Pixar’s “A Bug’s Life” when it was released in 1998 and have more recently re-watched it with my kids.

How to Ensure Crowdsourcing Works for Product Innovation


IdeaScale Crowd is hosting a webinar for first-time crowdsourcing innovators who want to engage a large group of collaborators in solving their problems. The post How to Ensure Crowdsourcing Works for Product Innovation appeared first on InnovationManagement.

Content Marketing for Product Innovators

Innovation Excellence

If you want to know how to leverage content marketing to position your product in your customer’s mind, a great person to ask is Jerod Morris, VP of Marketing at Rainmaker Digital. Continue reading → Innovation Product Innovation marketing content marketing Product ManagementPreviously CopyBlogger, Rainmaker Digital is the most authoritative source I know for content marketing.

Measuring Innovation Performance

Measuring innovation performance Our innovation campaigns prove that there is a way to. measure innovation performance. Innovation-active ?rms tability and productivity, increased. Along with balancing the innovation. aside as innovation spend.

The 7 stages of NPD and how to effectively manage product innovation


The process of developing a new product - whether it is a tangible, physical good or intangible, like a service, experience or belief - requires a systematic method to launch and commercialise it. The post The 7 stages of NPD and how to effectively manage product innovation appeared first on Exago. Blog Insights business transformation collective intelligence idea management software innovation management innovation-journey innovation-priority new product development

Product Innovation – What is it and how to do it right


People talk about product innovation every day without even realizing it. Whether they refer to their smartwatch and its latest features, the top performing cars or the latest app that helps them unwind, they bring up product innovation. Innovation Types of Innovation

Why Product Innovation Starts with Materials

Innovation Excellence

Materials can elevate a product, to be sure, but using them incorrectly or ineffectively has the opposite effect. And because it's hard to know how a finished product will actually look and feel in the hands of consumers, it's easy to make mistakes in development. Here are some time-tested strategies for creating products that are better, not just different. Innovation

Free On-Demand Webinar: Winning Strategies to Drive Product Innovation & Growth

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Discover why it's especially important to change your business strategies when crisis strikes during this on-demand webinar with Burton Goldfield, President and CEO of TriNet. Prepare to Succeed

Free Webinar | May 11: Former IBM Executive Shares Winning Strategies on How to Drive Product Innovation & Growth

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Discover why it's especially important to change your business strategies when crisis strikes during this webinar with CEOs Burton M. Goldfield and Jason Nazar. Register now! Prepare to Succeed

The Essential 4-step Product Innovation Process [podcast]

Innovation Excellence

I love hearing how companies are creating successful products that provide customers value, which is the topic of this episode. Gordon Stannis, the Director of Design and Strategy at Twisthink shares their approach to developing innovative solutions for their Fortune 500 clients. Gordon started his work as an industrial designer and then moved into product. Case Study Design Digital Innovation Design Thinking innovation process Product Management product managers

How Different CPG Companies Are Leveraging Big Data & Analytics for Marketing and Product Innovation


How Different CPG Companies Are Leveraging Big Data & Analytics for Marketing and Product Innovation Compared to businesses in other industries, the ones in the Consumer Goods (CG) industry spend a colossal amount of money on marketing and advertising.

Rebuild Personas According to Your Next Product Innovation


In this article, Product Innovation Manager Alex Igor Sanghikian discusses the Adjacent Possibilities framework for product management. By exclusively focusing on your persona’s one main need and trying hard to fulfill that need with your product, you can build the next feature with a more focused vision. Enabling Factors Strategies adjacent possibilities brainstorm design thinking hidden needs personas product development prototyping unmet needs voice of customer

Driving the Next Era of Growth: Leveraging Data to Innovate

Innovation Excellence

Digital Transformation Entrepreneurship Innovation Product InnovationGUEST POST from Teresa Spangler “50% of US executives and 39% of European executives said budget constraints were the primary hurdle in turning Big Data into a profitable business asset.

Why “Gretzky’s Rule” Represents the Past of Product Innovation

Innovation Leader

Most people operate markets where outcomes are unpredictable and new competitors can disrupt your entire business. Find out what on Ericsson exec had to say

You Need To Experiment Like Crazy To Innovate


Your innovation laboratories’ existential question: which concept has the potential to be worth a billion dollars? After implementing an innovation program, the most significant challenge that I’ve seen businesses face, in my experience, is not an inadequate supply of new ideas.

Whitepaper: Stimulating and Measuring Open and Cross Innovation 


The post Whitepaper: Stimulating and Measuring Open and Cross Innovation appeared first on InnovationManagement.

3 Ways to Align with Ethical Values and Accelerate Your Brand

Board of Innovation

The post 3 Ways to Align with Ethical Values and Accelerate Your Brand appeared first on Board of Innovation. All Consumer products Innovation strategyHand-curated takeaways to prove your worth in ethical consumption, utility, and sustainability.

How To Use Humans And Machines To Perfect Curation


artificial intelligence disruptive innovation future ideas ideation innovation product development product innovationThere are still some tasks that can only be accomplished by people. I remember going to Yahoo!

Let’s Settle the Debate – Innovation Both Is & Is Not Everyone’s Job


Is ‘innovation’ everyone’s job – as so many claim it is? Dive in as we examine the three cases of significance here – two in which innovation is everyone’s job, and one in which it isn’t. Or is it not everyone’s job – as the counterargument goes? The reality is not quite so simple.

Four Ways to Innovate Right Now


The post Four Ways to Innovate Right Now appeared first on InnovationManagement. While the pandemic has been difficult for all us economically, as business owners, we never run out of opportunities.

Breaking the Innovation Stereotypes: The Case of Curry Express


We often hear about the concept of innovation and its importance in enhancing the competitiveness of an organization however, the excessive use of this term has distorted its true meaning and content.

Innovation Insights from the Founder of Sony

Destination Innovation

They founded Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering, Corporation and their first product was an automatic rice cooker which failed to sell well. At that time Japanese companies had a reputation for producing cheap, low-quality products which were often copies of Western merchandise. Morita and his partner wanted to break away from this approach and offer high-quality innovative electronic goods. Morita came up with an innovative marketing idea. Insights for Innovators.

Video 160

Innovating Swim Flippers with Jobs to be Done

Innovation Excellence

Design Experience Innovation Innovation Product Innovation jobs-to-be-done product innovation“I want a pair of flippers for my birthday,” my 7-year-old announced today. “But, I am not actually into flippers.” ” This baffling statement came after a day at a friend’s backyard swimming pool where my daughter had her first-ever encounter with a pair of flippers.

Technology Spotlight: Zoom Info Technologies Proving to be a Game Changer for Organizations Globally

Innovators Alliance

Changes can include but are not limited to the onboarding of new employees, the launch of new products, and the opening of new locations. At Innovators Alliance, we are dedicated to bringing you the right news about the right tools you need in your business to excel and thrive.

Rituals – The Secret to Instant Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Creativity Innovation Product Innovation Strategy Consumer Insight innovation trends product innovation RitualsWhy does knocking on the table before eating a baby carrot make it taste better?

Study 61

How to Select Your Best Value Innovation Project – The Secret is in a Well-Managed Product Project Portfolio!


Innovation is on everyone's lips as a solution to post-COVID economic recovery. The world of innovation has a very broad definition: It’s often referred to as an information technology innovation. How you select your best innovation project is undoubtedly a starting point!

13 Plastic Packaging Alternatives

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Product Innovation Science Sustainability #plastic #environment #sustainabilityWhy should brands care? Plastics is one of the biggest challenges the world is facing right now. Thanks to David Attenborough’s Blue Planet, consumers are suddenly aware of the thousands of tonnes of plastic filling the ocean. As plastic is so prolifically used, especially in packaging, brands are going to need to act quick to.

How To Create a Strategic Planning Process for Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Every innovative product begins as a concept in the mind of someone or some group of people. How do companies manage this asset, the portfolio of product concepts, even before they enter the pipeline? In our experience, product. Innovation Processes & Tools Product Innovation R&D Lean Product Development New Product Development (NPD) Product Development

The Eco Lux Trend – Is Your Brand Missing Out?

Innovation Excellence

Innovation marketing Product Innovation Social Innovation Strategy Sustainability Trends product innovation social innovation sustainabilityLike it or lump it, the “eco” market is not going anywhere. 66% of global consumers say they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands (Bain & Company). Despite global economic instability, last year the luxury market grew by 5% to an estimated €1.2 trillion globally (Bain).