Sun.Sep 17, 2023

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What Makes A Strategy “Good?”

Digital Tonto

One of the most frustrating statements I come across is that “we had a good strategy, but just couldn’t execute it.” That’s nonsense. Obviously, if you couldn’t execute, there were some important factors that you didn’t take into account. You miscalculated in some significant way. So how was that a good strategy? This raises an important question: What makes a strategy good?

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How to Defeat Corporate Antibodies

Innovation Excellence

A Guide to Beating Resistance GUEST POST from Stefan Lindegaard Imagine yourself as the CEO of a mid-sized organization that’s struggling to grow and adapt to the ever-changing business landscape. You decide that it’s time for a significant transformation, which will involve new partnerships, revamped processes, and a shift in the company’s culture.

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First Global Stocktake for the forthcoming CoP28


Recently released is the First Global Stocktake for the forthcoming CoP28 This summary of the progress made from the CoP23 Paris Agreement is the first official global stock take undertaken, known as the Technical dialogue of the first global stocktake The report will be a central debating feature of the CoP28 meeting, to be held between November 30 th to December 12 th , 2023, in Dubai, the UAE.

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