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Calculating the Six Hidden Costs of Waste in Software Development 


Nothing frustrates software developers more than working hard on something that never ends up providing value. Whether because of changing priorities, miscommunication among teams, or other blockers, the hidden cost of waste can significantly impact productivity and bottom lines.

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Choosing the right innovation approach for your business


It is an arduous journey, inherently risky.But innovation partners, consultants, and innovation management software offer much promise in this space. If you don’t innovate, your company is likely to take this route: development → introduction → growth → maturity → decline. Innovation can be incremental (e.g. Source:

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Designing for Harmony

Boxes and Arrows

In a flash of insight, he realized that software could replace pencil-and-paper accounting for everyone. They had users try their new software, Quicken, while they ran a stopwatch. Then they’d tweak the software and retest until processes that took an hour were reduced to a quarter of that.

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