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From India to Vietnam: The Changing Landscape of Offshore Software Development

Tullio Siragusa

From India to Vietnam: The Changing Landscape of Offshore Software Development Outsourcing software development services to offshore vendors has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to reduce costs and improve efficiency.

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A Day in the Life of a Planview Software Development Engineer Test Manager


For this month’s blog spotlight , we are going to travel to Bangalore and follow Geetika to spend a day in the life of a Software Development Engineer Test manager. Here is what Geetika had to say: Explain your role as a Software Development Engineer Test Manager and a few of your responsibilities.


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Guidelines For Hiring the Best Software Developers

The Human Factor

We will go through all the specifics that are important when hiring a developer and address any questions you may have about recruiting developers for your company. Advice on how to hire a software developer. Understanding what you are truly looking for is the first step in hiring a developer. Selecting candidates.

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How to Manage Third-Party Risk when Outsourcing Your Software Development


Protect your business by discovering how to lower third-party risk when order custom software development.

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Using End-to-End Visibility to Scale and Streamline Automotive Production


A Shifting Reality for the Auto Industry Automotive companies are increasingly confronted with the intricate task of synchronizing software development timelines with deadlines for vehicle launches. This integration serves as a bridge between software and physical manufacturing processes.

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Understanding Lean Agile Principles | KaiNexus


Lean Agile, often called Lean-Agile or Agile at Scale, combines Lean principles and Agile software development methodologies for larger, more complex projects and organizations.

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How to use KANBAN: An effective productivity method for innovative ideas

Idea to Value

However, in has also been adapted as one of the most popular management methods in Software development and Innovation / Lean Startup methods. A common high-level example of this sequence for software development might be as follows: Backlog: All new ideas where there is not yet capacity to start are put in a backlog.