Mon.Jan 02, 2023

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Agility is the 2023 Success Factor


Agility, the ability to think fast and move quickly, is an imperative for every team this year. That’s because there’s never been more uncertainty – around technology, the economy, global-political turmoil, and just about everything else. I’ve led teams in both big companies and startups. I’ve built new teams. And I’ve helped fix dysfunctional ones.

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Creating Change That Lasts

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell When Lou Gerstner took over at IBM in 1993, the century-old tech giant was in dire straits. Overtaken by nimbler upstarts, like Microsoft in software, Compaq in hardware and Intel in microprocessors, it was hemorrhaging money. Many believed that it needed to be broken up into smaller, more focused units […].

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Strategies for Successfully Establishing Sales in a New Market

Tullio Siragusa

Strategies for Successfully Establishing Sales in a New Market Entering a new market can be a daunting task for any sales leader. It requires a strategic approach and a deep understanding of the target market to be successful. In this blog post, we’ll walk through key steps that a sales leader should take to establish sales in a new market, including conducting market research, designing a sales plan, building the right sales team, and establishing key partnerships.

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The 10 Key Components of Future Studies

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Art Inteligencia Smart organizations make an investment in the pursuit of future studies as part of their innovation activities. This investment is critical to the ongoing success of an organization because the wants and needs of customers change over time along with what’s possible from a technological, economical, and societal perspective.

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Empowering Retail Associates to Enhance the Customer Experience

Speaker: Andrew Regan, Managing Partner at BlueSeed Retail Ltd.

Did you know that 70% of new retail technology fails to deliver expected benefits and can often decrease customer value, service, and experience? With that in mind, how can we empower our store associates to leverage new technology to optimize the customer experience and boost productivity? This exclusive webinar with Andrew Regan will dive into strategies to empower retail associates for success with new technology.

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Top 10 Human-Centered Change & Innovation Articles of December 2022

Innovation Excellence

Drum roll please… At the beginning of each month, we will profile the ten articles from the previous month that generated the most traffic to Human-Centered Change & Innovation. We also publish a weekly Top 5 as part of our FREE email newsletter. Did your favorite make the cut? But enough delay, here are December’s […].