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3 Project Management Strategies for a Hybrid Workplace

Harvard Business Review

On a hybrid project, communication and coordination become both more critical and more challenging. Digital tools and meetings may be the only way some team members can keep in touch.

Project 136
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3 Major Problems with Web Development Projects

Innovation Excellence

It doesn’t matter who you are – a customer or a web developer, for you will encounter same problems when you are faced with website development projects. Continue reading →


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7 Website Lessons Learned from Switching to ‘Headless’ CMS


As Brunner’s chief digital officer, I’m responsible for our agency’s site as well as the many web redesign projects we do for all types of clients. 7 Critical Lessons from our Headless CMS Project Lesson 1: Don’t design in a silo — collaborate across UX, content, and dev teams. For us, agile was the best choice.

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Episode 19 – Part 2: The ROI of Learning

IM Insights

He introduces Estimatic, his latest venture, software designed to model uncertain projects and ideas. Peter’s experience working on web development and e-commerce projects. [16:15] Critique of the misleading hockey stick growth projections in startup presentations.

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Signs Your Website Needs To Be Changed

The Human Factor

There’s a lot to website creation, as it’s not simply about aesthetic design; there’s a variety of functional aspects to consider such as the speed the site loads in addition to browser compatibility, content architecture, search engine optimisation and a list that is almost as long as Santa’s! This is, by far, the most expensive option.

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How Can You Manage a Nonprofit Internationally With Innovative Technology?


For example, if a nonprofit is working on a project for delivering water to children in developing countries, then placing a sensor on the water well, which will in real-time send insights about the maintenance needed and also send indicators about water consumption could be transformative.

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Bubble is hiring: Full-Stack web developer wanted


We’re looking for a talented full-stack web developer to join our Cambridge / London team! This is a great opportunity for a full-stack web application developer, who can demonstrate experience of working with high performance and scalable enterprise web applications. Bubble is hiring! Strategic Portfolio.