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Agility is the 2023 Success Factor


Yet we can’t lose sight of another critical success factor for navigating today’s highly uncertain world, especially in 2023: agility. The concept of “agility” in business originated from the field of agile software development. The post Agility is the 2023 Success Factor first appeared on.

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How Will the Advancements in Low-code/no-code Platforms and Technologies


How will the advancements in low-code/no-code platforms and technologies shape the future of Power Apps and its role in empowering citizen developers and businesses to build custom solutions and automate processes? This will help businesses increase their speed to market and drive digital transformation.


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The building out of the Composable Innovation Enterprise Framework.

Paul Hobcraft

The Composable Innovation Enterprise framework aims to overcome the limitations of current traditional approaches to innovation (software) design. This encourages a significant shift in mindset, culture, and potential within software solutions. ” explores the potential direction of innovation management software.

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5 Factors Determining Success or Failure in the Shift From Project to Product


Five years ago, Planview CTA Mik Kersten outlined the “turning point” in his bestselling book, Project to Product: How to Thrive and Survive in the Age of Software with the Flow Framework. Incorporating Flow Metrics and business outcomes into regular operational reviews has been proven to increase the likelihood of operationalizing the shift.

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Intentionality and the Differentiating Competitive Advantage 


Last month, Planview released the inaugural 2023 Project to Product State of the Industry Report , and it is well worth the read. The data measures the flow of business value through all the activities involved in a software value stream. This is an unprecedented disadvantage for competitors.