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Insights from the Gartner CIO Survey


Gartner’s annual survey of CIOs reaches out to 2,944 individuals from across 84 countries. Here's a quick look at some of the insights which standout from the survey responses. It’s a useful barometer for the state of digital transformation, and technology support for innovation.

KPMG’s ‘Innovation Survey 2016’ reveals how collaboration is central to success


Exago has partnered with KPMG in Portugal to promote the first global ‘Innovation Survey’ to companies operating in the country. The post KPMG’s ‘Innovation Survey 2016’ reveals how collaboration is central to success appeared first on

Announcing the 2015 Global Innovation Survey


To help innovation leaders and forward-thinking companies do better, Imaginatik has launched the 2015 Global Innovation Survey. Since the previous survey in 2013 , we've watched the discipline of corporate innovation grow and evolve considerably.

Day to Day Innovation Survey Results to date

OVO Innovation

Many of you know that we are conducting a survey of innovation practitioners. To encourage you and to provide a mid-survey report, I thought I'd reflect on a few findings to date. There are plenty of surveys that report what CEOs or senior executives think, but not enough is heard from the people who are responsible for day to day innovation projects and activities. The survey will remain open for another two weeks.

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

programs, the majority of surveyed customers (57%) told us that. advanced processes, our customer survey data indicates that 18- 51% of ideas selected for action through Spigit get fully funded and. Detailed 36-question survey of our entire customer database, with a respondent sample.

Measuring Your Innovation Maturity

Innovation Excellence

collaboration culture Innovation Leadership diagnostics free Innovation audit innovation maturity Innovation Programs innovation success metrics Open Innovation Success Surveys tools

The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

Paul Hobcraft

Chromosomes bench-marking innovation encouraging best practicies for innovation innovation consultants innovation management innovation practice Innovation report Innovation Survey Leading innovation practices reports and studies on innovation State of business innovation

Power Management: Simplifying the Organization

Innovation Excellence

Case Study Change Culture & Values Innovation Management Survey change management Organizational Change Organizational Complexity Project management

Is Innovation a Priority for CEOs?

Braden Kelley

So what did CEOs say was their priority when they were surveyed by KPMG for their Global CEO … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Management Strategy Global CEO Outlook 2015 KPMG Surveys

6 Ways to Create a Successful Innovation Program

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of surveyed. The practice of innovation has come a long way, and for good reason. Regardless of size or sector, every organization today faces existential threats from changing customer expectations and a booming. technology industry.

Strategic and Innovation Alignment: the Choice Cascading Model


According to numerous surveys it seems innovation fails align and make the final delivery of translating a potentially exciting idea into a valuable contribution that advances the strategic goals, only contributing into operational objectives, of growing and protecting the existing business.

We’re in the top 5% of firms ranked by Happiness Works!


Exago’s one of the top 5% happiest organisations to work in, ranking eleventh in the Happiness Works – Happy Company 2016 initiative, among 209 surveyed participants.

10 Sources to step up your innovation game

Board of Innovation

Innovation Resources research sources surveys tips Tools trendsInnovation involves research, and you need to be aware of what is happening around your business. In many cases, you can learn a lot from products or services that are already out there. Maybe by doing research, you could find some innovative ideas from other industries which could eventually fit yours. But finding the right trends or inspiration can be a. Read More.

Leaders agree: Creativity will be 3rd most important work skill by 2020

Idea to Value

This comes from a new Forum report, The Future of Jobs , which took input from an extensive survey of CHROs and other senior talent and strategy executives from a total of 371 leading global employers, representing more than 13 million employees. This study backs up other surveys which show how important it will be to companies for their people to be able to think creatively.

How to Get Started Innovating on Customer Experience


In a McKinsey survey of senior executives, 90 percent of respondents confirmed that customer experience is one of the CEO’s top three priorities. In recent years, customer experience has emerged as a major differentiator for large companies.

Your Chance to Help Change Change

Braden Kelley

My first book Stoking Your Innovation Bonfire was designed to help organizations identify and remove barriers to innovation, but readers also found it to be a great primer on how to take a structured, sustainable approach to innovation, and as … Continue reading → Change collaboration Innovation Management Books change management organizational change planning publishing Surveys Thought Leadership Tools

Crowdsourcing Your Way to Innovative Success


A Harvard Business Review survey of 3,500 corporate professionals in the U.S., Every business wants to be as nimble and innovative as startups, but ambition and execution can be two very different things.

The One Question Your Managers Should Be Asking To Spark Innovation


A May 2016 survey of 170 large companies with revenues greater than $1 billion found that 82.4 percent have implemented lean startup methodologies to some extent. Another 9.4 percent of companies are exploring implementing programs.

If no magic formula exists for innovation, how could one exist for measuring it?


More than 88% of respondents indicate that innovation is a major element of their product development initiatives, according to ‘The 2015 Global Innovation Economy Survey’.

To Succeed, Innovative Companies Need to Be Decisive and Fearless in Opening-Up

Innovation Excellence

Results from a new national survey shows companies adopting open innovation (OI) to out-pace competitors and lead their industries in an increasingly aggressive global landscape Continue reading → Finance Open Innovation corporate growth

Why “Follow your passion” is terrible advice for you & those you care about

Idea to Value

A 2016 survey of 19,000 21- to 36-year-olds in 25 countries suggests that millennials think job security is a vital factor in choosing a job (87%), second only to money (92%).

The gulf between innovation goals and execution

OVO Innovation

Accenture has recently published an innovation survey of 500 executives in the US. I'm particularly partial to portions of this survey because the authors identify a real and growing problem - the gap between what executives want from innovation, and the organization's ability to deliver. In the first figure of the research they note that 84% of executives surveyed know they are dependent on innovation. I think this was a miss on the part of the survey.

Stop Frustrating Your Innovators

Innovation Excellence

More than half of those surveyed (52 percent) have pursued an entrepreneurial idea within their company. A study among US companies shows that employees of corporations are eager to be entrepreneurial.

8 Ways to Fight Brain Drain when Baby Boomers Retire

Innovation Excellence

As reiterated in a McKinsey Quarterly Survey, the baby boomer generation is “the best-educated, most highly skilled aging workforce in U.S. While many baby boomers are preparing to leave the workforce; organizational leadership at most companies are not prepared to lose them.

Big Business Wants To Cowork Too


According to Deskmag's Global Coworking Survey 2016 , over ten thousand coworking spaces will open their doors this year, despite increasing real estate prices in key regions.

Survey 106

Innovation Leadership Needs More Than Words

Innovation Excellence

Last year I helped to run a survey with members of the IACCM (International Association of Contract and Commercial Management).

Innovation and Organizational Culture

Innovation Excellence

Recently, the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has published key findings of their latest “Most Innovative Companies 2014” survey.

The Skills Gap is a Myth Stifling Innovation in Business

Innovation Excellence

according to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS) for. If there’s one thing that I’m getting sick of hearing about, it’s the skills gap. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a very real situation happening here: as of the last business day of June 2016, there were 5.6

Inside the Future of Customer Experience with Biometrics


That's why, in a recent survey of CEOs , PwC found “create a better customer experience" as one of their top goals from their digital investments.

The Case for Dual Innovation

Tim Kastelle

Accenture: 2015 US Innovation Survey. Deloitte: Radical Innovation and Growth – Global Board Survey 2016. The german consulting firm Detecon just published a study (in german) based on interviewing and surveying more than 70 german corporate innovation experts.

What's really happening with innovation day to day?

OVO Innovation

I've seen a number of surveys from many of the leading suspects, all of which tell us a lot about what executives think about innovation. If you'll take about 10 minutes to respond to this survey , we'll compile the data and feed it back to you. Please respond to this survey , which is only 25 questions, and we'll publish the results by mid-August. Here's one more link to the survey.

Mapping the customer journey is the top driver for digital transformation

Paul Hobcraft

The good news is that although half of those surveyed are now mapping the customer experience journey most of these are only just doing this. Organizations are struggling to understand the behaviors of the ‘connected’ customer.

How to tell if innovation matters to your CEO

OVO Innovation

Thank the good folks at PWC for their latest survey of executives about innovation. The new article, optimistically entitled " Unleashing the power of Innovation " was recently published and surveyed approximately 250 senior executives about innovation. And, the survey proves the authors are correct - or that the authors actually cared about what the executives said.

How to Effectively Conduct ‘Voice of the Customer’ Research

Innovation Excellence

For today’s finicky consumers, seeking feedback with customer satisfaction surveys is no longer enough. Ascertaining your customers’ wants and needs might compare to assembling a three-dimensional jigsaw puzzle with a few pieces missing.

Expert Interview Series: B.J. Shannon of TINYpulse About the Role Employee Feedback Plays in Idea Management


TINYpulse enables employees to contribute and receive feedback throughout the year by offering yearly or semi-annual survey check-ins for both culture and performance. We turned traditional engagement surveys and performance reviews on their heads and made them TINYer and more regular. What guidelines do you recommend to companies or organizations regarding whether the completion of employee surveys should be voluntary or mandatory?

Seeker Spotlight: The Nature Conservancy


The Nature Conservancy , in collaboration with the US Environmental Protection Agency and the US Geological Survey , recently launched a Challenge seeking to identify and spur development of technologies to monitor nitrogen concentration in effluent from advanced Onsite Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Are we playing snakes and ladders with innovation?

Paul Hobcraft

The game came to mind as I read through a recent survey on Innovation. Accenture in a survey conducted with 500 US Executives leads with this conclusion: “US Executives are unrealistic in believing they have the capabilities they need to achieve their bold goals.

Uncharted Waters Disrupting the Corporate Boardrooms

Paul Hobcraft

In this report, they surveyed 614 global board professionals from a total of 50 countries during the period covered from November 2015 through to February 2016 and then published in February 2016. The Survey wanting to understand the current mood within the boardroom.

How Government Employees Can be Intrapreneurs


A recent survey conducted by IdeaScale asked our customers, “How do you know if your IdeaScale campaign was a success?” I recently watched (for the second time) a fabulous lecture which introduced a framework called the “ Inventure Cycle ” by Professor Tina Seelig.

The New Face of Startup/Corporate Innovation


Far from yet another online survey, this study is a big deal – and here’s why. On July 20th, Imaginatik and MassChallenge will release our joint research study on the State of Corporate-Startup Collaboration for 2016.