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The report studies five diseases in five countries, compares the current situation with the ideal for 2030, and suggests policy initiatives to improve both access and equity. The vision for 2030 as articulated in the WEF paper suggests the need for significant improvements to care, as well as better and much more equitable access. Big data and analytics have the potential to provide better ways to evaluate individuals’ outcomes and cut across silos of care.

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Analysis Of The Next-Generation Mobility Value Chain

Corporate Innovation

In my book The Big Data Opportunity In Our Driverless Future I identify two distinct value chains that have been established because of the car ownership-centric model that has been dominant for the past 70+ years: the vehicle manufacturing and sale value chain , and the vehicle use value chain. In the US alone by 2030, as autonomous vehicles are expected to be moving from large trials to broad deployments, there will be over 70 million people in the US over the age of 65.


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Artificial Intelligence: A Question of Data

Daniel Burrus

and the vast quantity of data that China is capable of generating on a daily basis, has many wondering if the U.S. Data is the fuel that feeds A.I. The more data you have, the more A.I. Most feel it’s all about the quantity of data. I have been sharing both in my international speeches and consulting that data quantity is good but not if the quality is bad, and this concern should be forthright for anyone involved in A.I.

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Three Steps to Accelerate Your Sustainability Journey


But in the next decade, organizations will increasingly face strict compliances, regulations, and mandates that force wholesale transformation to deliver on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda. This article originally appeared on Forbes.

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Understanding the Innovation Landscape needed for Enabling Technologies in the World’s Energy Transition

Paul Hobcraft

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. This is the UNEP flagship report that assesses the gap between anticipated emission levels in 2030 and levels consistent with a 2°C/1.5°C

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Data-Driven Approaches Helping Public Sector with Sustainable Water Management


Some 700 million people could be displaced by intense water scarcity by 2030. Data generated from the field can be used for predictive analytics and analyzed to enable real-time monitoring, quality control, and proactive maintenance. No data governance.

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Iron Man: the hero of wearables and IoT


The forecast is that by the middle of 2030, we’ll have a trillion devices connected. Like Tony Stark, data scientists and organizations need to adapt to the opportunities and data volume of IoT. Next, we’ll show how Iron Man’s armor relates to the Big Data universe, and present the solutions offered by Data Science in the world of connected things. Understand the relationship between Big Data and Iron Man armor.

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IoT for Logistics: Leveraging Data-driven decisions for Predictive and preventive Fleet Maintenance, Optimizing life cycle, and Ensuring Workforce Safety


with last-mile connectivity and offering continuous and real-time data on static and moving assets and infrastructure. million by 2030. . IoT applications coupled with big data analytics, advanced robotics, and an interconnected network have given rise to Supply Chain 4.0.

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A New Way of Thinking About the Automotive Industry


A recently published report by independent think tank RethinkX suggests that by 2030, 95% of U.S. Furthermore, as one billion people get in and out of cars every single day, McKinsey forecasts that aggregating and selling data from these vehicles could grow into a $450 to 750 billion market by 2030. This will be a great opportunity to meet industry peers and dive into a discussion of various innovation topics from Big Data and Scouting, to Agile and lean methodologies.

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Racing Toward the Singularity: Earth's Final 35 Years with Human Beings (As We Know Them)

Legacy Innovation Group

This revolution was anchored by such technologies as the transistor and digital logic circuits, the mainframe, mini, personal, laptop, and tablet computers, digital data storage and manipulation, the digital cellular telephone, digital music formats such as DVD and MP3, digital photography, 3D animated movies, high-definition television, and the Internet. Racing Toward the Singularity: Earth's Final 35 Years with Human Beings (As We Know Them). Oct 13, 2016 | Anthony Mills.

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6 Ways to Drive Sustainability in Transportation


A significant step in this journey has been taken at a recently concluded COP26 summit, where various governments have pledged to reduce emissions by 2030.

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