The Downside Of Data

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Related posts: A New Era For Data. How Data Will Transform Science. What Is Big Data? All Posts Management Technology Big Data Marshall McLuhanThe first principle is that you must not fool yourself and you are the easiest person to fool.

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The Data Delusion

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The notion that you can transform a failing media company—or any company in any industry for that matter— by infusing it with data and algorithms is terribly misguided.

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Data And Technology Don’t Change Your Culture, They Reveal it

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Related posts: If Big Data Is To Live Up To Its. [[ This is a content summary only. All Posts Management Technology Big Data Internet of ThingsWe shouldn’t be so quick to blame algorithms. When we don’t like what we see, it is possible that we are looking at the culture we have created.

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How Open Data for Science Will Change How Businesses Compete

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2017 Business Innovation Report

the data or have any questions, please connect with. was the primary source of the quantitative and qualitative data for this report. qualitative data from customer interviews and interactions. collected ideation program data this year to. The data shows that.

Is Big Data Blinding Your Customer Innovation?

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Continue reading → Build Capability Customers Processes & Tools Technology Uncategorized marketing Big Data Predictive TechnolotiesHow Are Predictive Technologies Working? Marketing technology executive, Kim Garretson walks us through the question, and answers.

Data Value: Increasingly Incumbent

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Yesterday I introduced a topic on the EMC Reflections blog called How Much Is Your Data Worth ? The interview took place last month at the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality Symposium. I participated in several Cube interviews on the topic of Data Value.

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How Experian Built A Business Around Data

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By reducing points of friction in the economy through better use of data, Experian sees an enormous business opportunity. Related posts: How Big Data Can Create Real Business Value. All Posts Management Technology Big Data Business Models Leadership

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The Pitfalls of Biased Data

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In doing so, they might have become more open to data that contradicted their prevailing point of view. Diversify the Data Flow. It also requires a steady intake of diverse data and ideas, as well as open communication channels throughout the organization.

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6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

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Turning Big Data into Big Paydays


The ability to generate big data by companies concerning their clientele and customers is an opportunity that to exploit and transform into huge returns on paydays. Venturing into data analytics can form a source of income for many more people globally as big data continues to get more use. Trend Alert big dataThe global technological advancement has been ongoing for many decades now.

If Big Data Is To Live Up To Its Promise, We Need To Fix Our Data Systems

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The challenge is to take a balkanized world of data, made up of disparate islands and integrate it into a single, unified environment in which we can work effectively. All Posts Technology Big Data IBM

The 3 Things About Data You Probably Don’t Know, But Need To

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Like energy, talent, finance or any other resource, managing data effectively is becoming essential to competing in today’s marketplace. Related posts: 4 Things Managers Need To Know About Data. If. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. All Posts Management Technology

MIT Chief Data Officer Day 1: All About Data Value

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Yesterday the MIT Chief Data Officer and Information Quality summit kicked off at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts. The bottom line after my first day of attendance is this:   everybody here is talking about Data Value.

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Channel Data Management and the Customer Experience Movement

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Channel Data Management has an essential role in enabling a higher level of end customer visibility and enhanced Customer Experience. Continue reading → Customers Disruption Processes & Tools Technology marketing cloud Customer experience CX Data Management manufacturing Sales

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How Does your Business Stand to Benefit from Big Data?


Big data is becoming increasingly vital to business scaling and competition. Strategies analytics big data business intelligence data architecture data security decision making product development risk analysis

Is Big Data Doing More Harm Than Good?

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Related posts: If Big Data Is To Live Up To Its Promise, [[ This is a content summary only. All Posts Management Technology Big DataThe truth is that no amount of complex tables and graphs can hide the fact that humans, with all of their faults, lie behind every system.

Real Management Applications of Big Data


Big Data has had a big impact on the competitive landscape. Utilizing Big Data solutions in processing digital data is one way of enabling managers or organizations and business owners to make quick, informed decisions that streamline efficient business operations. Here is an analysis of some of the real management applications of Big Data: Strategies big data data analytics data trends FDA healthcare learning nanobots public sector innovation technological innovation

Data Value: CIO Use Case

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Last week I outlined a set of five insights for a CIO to consider when building an IT environment that supports data valuation. These insights included: Insert yourself into the data value conversation. Focus on data workflow and ingest. that struggles with monetizing data.

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How Big Data Will Influence the Insurance Industry


Although the advent of Big Data stands to benefit several industries, the insurance sector has a clear advantage in terms of leveraging technology to benefit not only its bottom line but also its customers.

Data Protection Based on Value

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This afternoon I am speaking at SNIA's Data Storage Security Summit in Santa Clara.  My topic will be Data Valuation to Minimize Monetary Loss. Data elements "a" through "d" represent requests coming from different consistency groups.

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Is Big Data Blinding Your Customer Innovation?

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Continue reading → Technology marketing Big Data Big Data Analytics intelligent alerting"It turns out that marketers are spending well over a third of their budgets (on average) on analytics.

Rohan Light On Forecasting And Data Analytics


We live in world in flux, various trends are crashing into each other to create heaps of data that most businesses are only just starting to discover. And as businesses are in state in flux, they are trying to set themselves up for success by using forecasting and data analytics.

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Transport Challenge: Deutsche Bahn and Data Pitch ask startups to change the future of transport

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German rail company, Deutsche Bahn AG, is making its data available to start-up businesses and SMEs as part of Data Pitch, a new European Commission-funded initiative which is supporting open innovation with data.

“Business-ready” Big Data Insights: a new approach to data analytics

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This presentation from the Chief Innovation Officer Summit in NYC is focused on a new approach to data analytics that takes it out of the proverbial lab and makes it actionable for the boardroom.

Insurance and Data Value

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Several weeks ago I started a series of blog posts introducing five different types of data valuation business processes. For example, data valuation can occur.during Mergers and Acquisitions. A great example of a company that turned data into revenue is

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Big Data Has Broken Its Promises

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Because We Need To Fix Our Data Systems FIRST A data scientist, it’s been said, is a statistician who works in Silicon Valley, which is another way of saying that the term has attained true buzzword status.

Why Big Data Will Revolutionize B2B Marketing Strategies


Trend Alert B2B big dataB2B, or business to business marketing, involves selling of a company’s services or products to another company. Consumer marketing and B2B marketing are really not that different. Basically, B2B uses the same principles to market its product but the execution is a little different. B2B buyers make their purchases solely based on price and profit […].

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Data Gathers in a Cloud. It Takes off from the Edge

Daniel Burrus

Fortunately, edge computing can help make that wealth of data a good deal more usable. IoT allows for communication between connected machines, devices and sensors that is creating data at levels never seen before, data volumes that are growing at such a rate that organizations, as well as government agencies, could have massive problems analyzing and using the data in an optimal way. The result is not limited just to faster processing and analysis of important data.

Taking an Open Innovation Approach to Big Data in Europe


Big data has a huge role to play in innovation. To make it easier for European startups and SMEs to take advantage of big data’s potential, a new European-funded open innovation project, led by Southampton University has been launched. It’s called Data Pitch.

Data Value: CIO Insight 1 of 5

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My keynote focused on  Data's Economic Value in the Age of Digital Business. First Key Insight: CIOs Need to Insert Themselves Into the Data Value Conversation. accurately price data assets for sale/purchase.

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Monetizing Personalized Transportation Experiences by Exploiting Big Data

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As I argue in my new book The Big Data Opportunity in Our Driverless Future , the key differentiators will be the personalized transportation experiences that can be offered by properly combining these technologies and services with insights derived from the continuous exploitation of big data collected from inside and outside the vehicle. Autotech Big Data Innovation Big data Business Model Driverless Vehicles Machine Intelligence Self Driving Cars

Predicting relationships with big data innovation – Red hot business models


But did you know that companies can predict your perfect match based on the data that you provide them? ” and compared the data against the number of changes in the other direction, from coupled to non-coupled, in order to calculate the net percentage change.

This Company Is Combining Big Data and Materials Science to Revolutionize Manufacturing

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Related posts: How Open Data for Science Will Change How Businesses Compete. How Data Will Transform Science. All Posts Management Automation Big Data ManufacturingIf they are successful, the business of making things will never be the same.

The Shift to Data Value: Tom Davenport at MITCDOIQ

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One of the key findings was the value shift from products to data.  The   The research was showing that established corporations had a strong desire to augment their product revenues with data revenues. fostering self-service for data.

Data Science Is Not AI and It Is Not Machine Learning

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Data Science is not AI and it is not Machine Learning: Here is what I am thinking about AI and the enterprise: 1. Big Data BlogAlmost on a daily basis I am meeting with, reached out by and running into companies that are calling themselves AI and Machine Learning companies.

Data Value and Industry Innovation

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Dozens of industry leaders gather at UC San Diego today to discuss  Architecting for Data Value. What are the business processes and IT infrastructures that facilitate the calculation of data value?

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Beyond Economic Data Value

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Last week I introduced the concept of The Economic Value of Data as part of a keynote speech at EnterConf.  My first task during the keynote was to define the economic value of data as “the maximum amount of money someone would pay me to hand over a specific data set to them”.

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Summary: First Enterprise Data Value Workshop

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Last week I attended the First Workshop on Enterprise Data Value and Data Insurance hosted by Dr. Jim Short at the San Diego Supercomputer Center on the campus of UC San Diego. Session 1: Valuing Enterprise Data. Session 2: Insuring Data.

Three Steps to Keep from Drowning in Big Data

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"We have so much data, but no answers." Innovation Management Technology Big Data Big Data and Innovation michael graber Southern Growth StudioThis phrase echoes down the halls of all of the larger clients with whom we meet.