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Design Thinking Tools: how to use them to solve complex problems


To list the Design Thinking tools, we need to remember that it is a process generally divided into four phases: Immersion: research to contextualize the problem. Ideation: collaborative brainstorming sessions with the help of tools to create innovative solutions. Below are some basic steps that must be taken to implement this process!

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Guest Blog Post: How to plan for creativity; The power of divergent and convergent ideation


The Betterific memberbase is comprised of design thinkers, product developers, and smart creatives. So we like to bring content that helps expand the mind around creativity and brainstorming. Below is Joyce’s version of breaking down the science of creativity. It is reposted with her permission.

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Artificial creativity (A.C.): Can a computer be creative? It’s scarily close

Idea to Value

And two examples show how it is already showing signs of creativity, coming up with ideas which not only no human has programmed into it, but which no human has thought of before, and have shown to be good by human judges: Chef Watson – creating new recipes. It’s close to a digital brainstorming session. So what comes next?