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Michael Michalko

E.g., “Warm hugs” to describe a motivation problem and “Painted rain” to describe a changing customer. Give yourself an idea quota of 40 ideas when brainstorming. • Randomly connect objects from column 1 to column 2 to see what new products develop. • Change your daily routines. If you drink coffee, change to tea.

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Innovation Confidence Course

Jeffrey Phillips

Recently I read a nice article in Inc Magazine about 10 Innovation Killers. Ideas and products that are very similar to existing products and services will face fewer hurdles and have more support to go through the evaluation and product development process. The answer to this is: it depends.

Course 113

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Guest Blog Post: How to plan for creativity; The power of divergent and convergent ideation


The Betterific memberbase is comprised of design thinkers, product developers, and smart creatives. So we like to bring content that helps expand the mind around creativity and brainstorming. For instance, you can wander through hardware or antique stores, new magazines or conferences, random images or analogies from nature.

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ikeGPS – How To Invest in Trends To Escape Your Core and Grow Explosively

Adam Hartung

Are you in growth markets, creating new products with new technologies that meet unmet needs and have the potential to completely change your business? Sure technology is changing, but I don’t understand it, nor know how to use it. So they took to internal company brainstorming to see what they might do.

Trends 36