A Crash Course on Leadership

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Here's pretty much everything you need to know about being a good leader -- whether you are the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or the Director of a 5-person non-profit. Ready?

Your Innovation Confidence Course

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Rather, what we need is either 1) a clearly defined path for ideas to follow that will assess, develop and validate ideas effectively or 2) confident idea partners who are experienced in running the obstacle course.

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Innovation Confidence Course

OVO Innovation

That factor was "create an obstacle course for ideas". What's wrong with an obstacle course? Shouldn't the best ideas be the result of an obstacle course? And then I remembered that my father, once and always a Marine, never referred to these as obstacle courses, but "confidence courses". Ideas, by themselves, are never going to make it through an obstacle course. The first is that there is some consistency to the obstacle course.

Ideas to Impact: New Online Innovation Short Course

Tim Kastelle

We just released a short course that I made for students at The University of Queensland. As part of it, I got to interview a lot of my favourite people at UQ, and for me, their stories are the highlights of the course.

The Leadership of Open Innovation

Speaker: Paul Sloane, Director, Destination Innovation

Of course, innovation where other parties are involved means a different leadership approach. Paul Sloane is a well-known author and speaker on open innovation.

The Tale of Amar, Akbar, Anthony and What They All Need to Succeed

Rmukesh Gupta

Ray has just launched a free online course that will teach how to write persuasive copy. I have already registered for this free course. There are courses on copy writing that are available on Skillshare , or the one offered by Ray or on any other platforms. Three Friends.

Brief Clip from The Great Courses lecture series on Competitive Strategy

Michael Roberto

competitive positioning straddling strategy

Live Chat: Tonight (Wednesday, 8/26) at 7pm!

Michael Roberto

Join me and The Great Courses for a live online chat tonight from 7-8pm. As you many of you know, The Great Courses offers wonderful opportunities for lifelong learning by providing audio/video courses by professors from universities throughout the country.

Grading Crash Course: Green Belt + Black Belt – Stockholm

Innovation 360

Special occasion: Green Belt grading merged with Black Belt grading in a 3-day “crash course” from early mornings to evenings (boot camp) in Stockholm. The post Grading Crash Course: Green Belt + Black Belt – Stockholm appeared first on Home of Innovation. Green Belt. Purpose. Develop your strategic skills linking innovation and strategy. Mastering advanced innovation analysis. Accredited to sell the Innovation Playbook to your clients. Learn how to use InnovationIQ. Content.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

the course of writing Leapfrogging. Words and catchphrases like lean in, enable, platform, and, of course, disrup- tion are all the rage.

Grading Crash Course: Green Belt + Black Belt – Washington D.C.

Innovation 360

Special occasion: Green Belt grading merged with Black Belt grading in a 3-day “crash course” from early mornings to evenings (boot camp) at a Conference center in Tysons corner, VA close to both Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan International airport. The post Grading Crash Course: Green Belt + Black Belt – Washington D.C.

5 Things University Courses Do Not Teach About Marketing | Collective Campus

Collective Campus

If you're a student currently in university or a working professional looking to study masters, it's time for a reality check

Think Your Company’s Pursuit of Innovation has Run its Course? Think Again…


Of course, the terminology here is not clean-cut – overconfidence can sometimes be a good thing, if it encourages someone to persevere against the odds to achieve their dreams, and skepticism can sometimes be bad, if it discourages someone from following their dreams to begin with.

Alexa is NOT AI!

Linda Bernardi

When excitedly I inquire what they mean, the response is always the same: Alexa of course! Every day in tech discussions, someone will mention that they are so thrilled to have AI running in their homes. Wrong. Basic ground rules: 1.

5 of America’s Best Innovation Labs


Of course, many of the best innovation labs require the immense resources of powerful companies, but at their heart, these labs all succeed when two components come together: the right people and the right ideas. The innovation that goes on within American corporations is truly breathtaking.

Innovation Is Too Easy

Innovation Excellence

I bet the post title got your attention, but of course in this modern age of digital content we bloggers need headlines that pop through all of the noise and gain attention.

This video shows how bacteria evolve resistance to antibiotics

Idea to Value

Golf course. One of the most pressing concerns in medical innovation is how to address the problem of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics. There are regular news updates about diseases that are becoming resistant to traditional drugs, such as MRSA and even Super Gonnoreah.

Video 69

Intrapreneurship is also worth for startups!

Rapid Innovation in digital time

I met with Sylvain Tillon a few weeks ago in the course of the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program set-up by Dominique Van Deth. I must say I was quite impressed by his entrepreneurship know-how. This was not the end … Continue reading → Innovation Entrepreneur Incubation Innovation Management intrapreneur intrapreneurship startup Sylvain Tillon Tilkee Tilkee for Marketing User-Centric Design

How to Affect Change in a Large Corporation: You Can’t Do it Alone


The credibility, stability and ability to make a large scale impact keep you coming back to the office every day — but of course, every job can have drawbacks. Working for a large corporation has many perks.

How to Manage Distractions

Idea Champions

Not that YOU ever get distracted, of course. Great article in Fast Company on how to manage distractions. Wait. I just got a text from my cousin. um.er. finish this blog post later. MitchDitkoff.com. Idea Champions

6 Reasons Some People Are Uncomfortable with Innovation


However, you’re likely to meet many people over the course of your career who are simply uncomfortable with innovation, and you will have to learn to work with them. When we talk about innovation, we sometimes forget that not everyone is on board with the new and revolutionary.

Creativity, Change and Innovation

Innovation Excellence

Of course. Not that long ago, a somewhat mysterious cloud shrouded creativity on the work floor. Everybody seemed to have their own definition and understanding of the word. The connotation with more artistic professions or (applied) art forms was never far away.

Can you teach people to innovate?

Innovation Excellence

While I cannot comment on the course, it is taught by two professors with little private sector experience. One of my recent pet peeves is the proliferation of education options for innovation. One of my alma maters offers a "certificate" for innovation management.

The Only Three Swim Lanes that Matter to a Business

Innovation Excellence

In the course of my training with business leaders, we inevitably come to the existential business question… “What is the purpose of a business?” This is a great question, and one with a very simple answer. The purpose of a business is to create value. That’s it. To create value.

Why You Need a Personal Innovation Strategy

Innovation Excellence

And that’s why I believe in developing a Personal Innovation Strategy -- a written out game plan to keep you on course and adding value no matter what’s going on in your life right now. The challenge we're facing is to avoid personal obsolescence, and to thrive amidst the churn.

Why so many entrepreneurs often achieve nothing for weeks

Idea to Value

If there is a lot of work to be done, then of course sometimes you’ll need to work longer hours to complete it all. Not all entrepreneurs are lazy. In fact, many entrepreneurs are some of the most innovative and hardworking people in the world.

Which are the Most Innovative Companies in the World?

Innovation Excellence

There is no way of absolutely measuring levels of innovation but three eminent groups compile different lists using different methods and of course they get different results. Which are the most innovative companies in the world?


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Of course you have. Ever heard the expression "get out of the box?" Ever wonder what the six sides of that so-called box actually are? If not, here's your 5-minute tutorial of the day.

What Every CEO Should Know for Successful Change

Innovation Excellence

Of course everyone is hoping for the best – but please allow me to be frank with you now, to save you a lot of heartache, time, and money in your near future. As CEO, your style and. Your organization has embarked on a new venture which is going to require a lot of change.

You don't lack time to innovate. You lack allocation and purpose.

OVO Innovation

Which means you'll spend more time with customers and less on business development, practice development and lastly, of course, will be innovation. That might differ depending on the individual, their experience and interest in innovation of course, but what if at the end of each year you could look across your team and see how much time an individual spent building innovation skills and contributing to innovation projects. Of course the answer to these questions is "yes".

Here’s Your License to Innovate!

Tim Kastelle

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The Shift Economy

Digital Tonto

It is not enough to race as fast as we can down a chosen course, we need to notice when a more prodigious one begins to appear. The path to productivity is never a straight line.

We Don’t Need More Mousetraps!

Tim Kastelle

Of course, the MVP version still requires you to load the cheese manually, but it’s a start. Imagine an island country where the only industry is making mousetraps – let’s call it Mousetrapia. And the people that live there are incredibly creative.

Humans are jerks to the world’s most advanced bipedal robot

Idea to Value

A robot is of no use if it gets stuck the first time someone clumsy bumps into it or knocks it off course. Robotics is a field of study I find fascinating, because not only can you see gradual improvements in design brought on by better technology each year (a perfect example of incremental innovation), but every now and again you see something that makes you realise there has been a big leap forward.

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4 Myths About Innovation You Need To Avoid

Innovation Excellence

Of course, nobody had ever seen one, but they believed others had. The unicorn is perhaps unique among myths in that the creature doesn’t appear in the mythology of any culture.

Got a big decision to make? Try the Three by Three method.

Destination Innovation

Put Fred on a training course to improve his performance. B3) We discuss Fred’s issues in depth with Fred and ask him to identify courses which might help. We carefully assess whether these courses would really work. Let’s say you are faced with a tough problem.

Innovative Ideas for Combining Traditional and Digital Marketing


The campaign was, of course, widely promoted via online networking channels and, in the beginning, it seemed like a huge success. In 2010, Pepsi invested millions of dollars in the “Pepsi Refresh Project,” moving their entire marketing strategy to social media. Strategies marketing qr codes

If You Want to Be Innovative, Innovate

Tim Kastelle

Which, of course, you must, if you want to be innovative. Too many people want to make their organisations more innovative without going through the pain of actually changing anything. This does not work.

How Do We Create Long Lasting Value?

Faisal Hoque

The question, of course, is how? The implicit -- and explicit -- expectation is that businesses should "do good" for others, should create something valuable to the world. The post How Do We Create Long Lasting Value? appeared first on Faisal Hoque :: Entrepreneur | Author.

Business Transformation Is All About Feedback

Innovation Excellence

Sounds simple, but of course it isn’t. We aim to optimize performance, hence the business term: Performance Management.