Top Jobs for Innovation Professionals in 2019


Companies in every industry are accepting that complacency and failure to innovate are tantamount to negligence. Failing to innovate can cause even a large established business to lose ground to competitors that more fully embrace innovation. It requires more than just saying “Innovation is good.” An innovation strategy is a key business asset, and innovation leadership is no longer nice to have, but necessary. Innovation Consultant.

3 Innovative Projects with Ideanote to Get '19 Started


What better way to start this new year than to put actions behind words on that innovative organization culture of yours? As an all-in-one innovation platform, Ideanote can be successfully used in a manner of different ways. Open innovation, idea management platform, employee motivation tool – the possibilities are, if not endless, then at least plenty. So you might be thinking, I love what you’re doing and your tool is super cool, but where do I start?