How Do You Train People In Jobs That Yet To Exist?


Most workers are training themselves because their companies don’t provide enough help in developing their careers; which means workers are earning without learning. The challenge rest with self, would you allow another to train you to select a spouse?

Creative Strength Training


Book Reviews Column & Opinion book review coaching creativity feedback innovation training inspiration skills managementCreativity: a highly sought-after skill which can be illusive in times of need. The big question is what can we do about it? Whether you’re a professional artist, dancer, comedian, scientist, inventor or entrepreneur, you will experience the highs and lows, inspiration, frustration, self-criticism, doubt, and problem solving within your personal creative process.

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Why Train People to Become Masterful Brainstorm Facilitators

Idea Champions

Why train people to become brainstorm facilitators? Brainstorm facilitation training. from Mitch Ditkoff. Our brainstorm website. What our clients say

The 60-Minute Brainstorm Training

Idea Champions

Which is why we are now, via our collaboration with GenieCast , offering a 60-minute version of our 3-day brainstorming facilitation training. Our longer Brainstorm facilitation training. One thing is obvious to those of us at Idea Champions. None of our clients have any time.

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

b Does the vendor offer multiple training programs (e.g. online training programs that cater to. THE BUYER’S GUIDE. TO INNOVATION.

How to build and train your internal army of innovators


Since you’ve not been given an army of trained consultants, you need to find creative ways to build your own. Ongoing training programmes that ‘produce’ innovation. The post How to build and train your internal army of innovators appeared first on

7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training


7 Expectations from Creative Thinking Workshop Training. What are your expectations from a creative thinking workshop? That is the first question I ask the audience at a Brainzooming creative thinking workshop.

Innovation Upgrade: A Training Program and Network by Stefan Lindegaard

Innovation Upgrade

Then, you should join Innovation Upgrade , a training program and network that gives you insights and inspiration on topics such as: . You can register here: Innovation Upgrade – A Training Program and Network by Stefan Lindegaard. I facilitate a global training program and network for people, who want to help change the future of innovation. Training and Educating Executives on Innovation. Training Your Employees for Open Innovation.

The tools we used in our Innovation & Creativity training for PPG

Board of Innovation

Recently, me and my colleague Vincent facilitated a 2 day ‘Innovation & Creativity training’ for graduates of PPG, world’s leading coatings company (+46.000 employees, 15.4 The overall goal of this training was to teach & inspire young graduates with the right techniques & knowledge to come up with creative solutions for challenges they face within PPG.

The State of Crowdsourced Innovation in 2016: Multi-Industry Benchmark Study.

A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED. INNOVATION A Multi-Industry Benchmark Study 2016 STATE OF. CROWDSOURCED.

BIG IDEA: Enter Our Brainstorm Training Raffle Before March 1st

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Here goes: In ten days, we are going to raffle off our one-day Brainstorm Facilitation training, at a 65% discount, So instead of paying the usual $6,000 fee, each of our three winners will pay only $2,000 (plus expenses).

The $750 Online Brainstorm Facilitation Training

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The $750 Online Brainstorm Training from Mitchell Ditkoff. More about the training. What our clients say

CONDUCTING GENIUS: Brainstorm Facilitation Training Reinvented

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We could tell you how awesome our brainstorm facilitation training is, but we're not sure you would believe us. More about our training. What Blue State Digital says about our training.

Colorado Innovation Training

Gregg Fraley

This is a high value training. Essentially this is intensive, hands-on workshop that trains people in innovation frameworks, and tools for strategy, ideation, research, and project management. If you’re with a non-profit you might find that this training is the perfect thing for creating better services and experiences for your support bases — and how about better ideas for fund-raising?

2017 New Year's Resolution: Be More Creative

Innovation in Practice

Culture of Innovation Inside the Box Practitioner Training creative methods creativity inside the box trainingMany people believe they’re not creative. So a natural question may be: why bother trying to be more creative?

What Skills Are Rated Most Difficult When it Comes to Innovation? (The Answer Might Surprise You)


Strategy culture implementation infographic innovation innovator's DNA metrics tracking trainingA common misconception is that innovation can’t be taught. Similar to how some people believe that artists are born, not made – innovation has often seemed to be the purview of the great thinkers, the elite, people whose creativity is given, not a matter of practice….

Brainstorm Facilitation Training for Idiot Savants (and other wise ones)

Idea Champions

This just in! Brainstorming in most organizations sucks. Or, if "sucks" is the wrong word, how about "severely under-delivers"? The good folks of Idea Champions (that's us) have found a way to put an end to this madness. Yes, we have. And yes, we can.

13 Smart Questions for your Management Meetings

Innovation Excellence

Consumer Innovation Creativity Innovation Management Processes & Tools Sales Strategy Training 13 smart Brainstorm ideas Leadership Meetings offsite questions StrategicMost management meetings are dull affairs stacked full of short-term problems that need fixing.

Ten Reasons to Hire an Innovation Keynote Speaker

Braden Kelley

Innovation Keynote Speakers are often misunderstood, maligned, and underutilized. We have all been to many conferences, and heard many good (and bad) keynote and session speakers with a variety of styles (all of which are perfectly acceptable), including: 1.

Innovations in Automation Demand Employee Upskilling and Soft Skill Development

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Training automation soft skill upskilling

Top 10 Reasons to Hire an Innovation Keynote Speaker

Innovation Excellence

Innovation Keynote Speakers are often misunderstood, maligned, and underutilized.

4 Steps to Generate More Creative Ideas, and Better Ones

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Book Review Creativity Design Disruption Innovation Inspiration People & Skills Psychology Science Training innovative thinkingFollow these simple steps, and you will increase the quantity and quality of your ideas.

Five Reasons to Invest in the Change Planning Toolkit™

Braden Kelley

And organizations that empower their … Continue reading → Change education eLearning Training Change Planning Toolkit digital transformation ERP mergers organizational change post merger integration Tools

Podcast #002 – Becoming more creative using 5 simple training activities

Idea to Value

Discussed in the episode are the following 5 training activities: 15 Minutes of Unfocused time every day. You can also get more details on all of these 5 activities in the free video training series, which you can get if you sign up for a free membership account here. In today’s issue of the Idea to Value Podcast, I continue on with the discussion around how people can actually improve their creativity, using techniques based on scientific insight into how creativity works.

The Path to Leading by Example

Robert Brands

Though training is often viewed from the lens of employees, it should actually begin from the top down in the business hierarchy, from administers to new hires. The reason behind leadership training and coaching lies with the fact that company trailblazers and visionaries often find themselves unable to adequately communicate their directives succinctly. Many of these training programs also underscore the concept of leading by example.

The Frustrated Innovation Team: What Should They Do?


Organization & Culture execution of innovation HR innovation strategy innovation training problem solving strategic partnership teamwork top-downMany executives talk a lot about innovation, but they don't really know how to make it happen. A corporate innovation team asks themselves: How do we "educate" our executives on innovation management and develop stronger corporate innovation capabilities together?

Ditkoff: Storytelling @work

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Feature Of The Week Advertising change Communication community corporate training Information Sharing linguistics marketering messaging Neuroscience Psychology sociology storytelling Teaching theology

Report Highlights Skills Shortage in Open Innovation

Innovation Excellence

education Europe Innovation Management Open Innovation People & Skills skills Talent trainingMore and more companies are engaging in some form of open innovation, but such an approach requires a new way of working that employees are often ill-equipped to undertake.

How 2015 Changed Corporate Innovation: An Overview

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Culture & Values Experience Innovation Innovation Innovation Perspectives Leadership Open Innovation Training culture Corporate innovationThere were several key (and generally welcome) themes that emerged throughout 2015 within corporate innovation.

Breaking the Barriers to Creative Thinking

Innovation in Practice

Inside the Box Practitioner Training creative barriers fixedness inside the box SIT systematic creativityWhat holds people back from being creative? Is it a lack of time? Do you not have a budget for doing creative work?

How Smart Product Managers Use a Business Case

Innovation Excellence

Continue reading → Innovation Product Innovation Training business case Product Development Product ManagementProperly used, a business case embodies the essential learning and planning derived from Lean, Design Thinking, and similar approaches to product development.


A Very Cool Brainstorm Facilitation Training for People in the Fast Lane

Idea Champions

More about the training. Our brainstorm website. What our clients say. Tell us more about your need. Our client list. VIDEO: The eight dimensions of a brainstorming session

Join our free webinar: The biggest breakthrough in creativity training of 2016

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Originally published at Join our free webinar: The biggest breakthrough in creativity training of 2016. Hi everyone, I have some very exciting news, which I’d like you to join me for in an exclusive free Webinar. Date: Thursday 23 June Time: 6:00 pm BST (UK Time) – free replays available to all registrants As you know, I put a lot of focus into finding out exactly how the brain generates ideas, […].

Corporate Survival Book – The Importance of Innovation

Robert Brands

TRAINING & COACHING Corporate Survival Book - The Importance of Innovation corporate survival book how to promote innovationIn today’s “innovate or die” environment, existing businesses should innovate more than ever to stay on top.

Practical Points on Critical Thinking

Innovation in Practice

Consultants Culture of Innovation Design Thinking Inside the Box Practitioner Training critical thinking inside the box systematic innovationWhat exactly is critical thinking? Do we know how to define it, or better yet, to foster it in those we are teaching?

Helping to Build a Culture of Innovation: Utilizing the “Whip”

Robert Brands

Innovation Inspiration/Culture Training & Coaching innovatiom innovation book innovation in business innovation processWhy Your Organization Needs a “Whip” to Help Build a Widespread Innovation Culture.

Learn to Gain a New Perspective

Innovation in Practice

So look at your markets and train your eye to see new perspectives. Advertising Marketing Innovation Strategy TrainingDuring my career, a lot of my senior marketing colleagues would come to me and complain about some of their newest staff members.

Innovation is the Most Potent Form of Leadership Development

Idea to Value

Yet, without training your team on the methods and tools of innovation, the breakthrough thinking will be resisted. Train Your Team. Therefore, you have to train your team to vet new growth without preset filters, especially if this growth is outside of your current business model. Training a core team of innovators at your organization has many benefits. Break down silos by having multidisciplinary teams train together. You can’t outsource the important things.

Projects Are How Innovation Happens

Gregg Fraley

Training is not innovation. Projects, Projects, Projects. Innovation is complex and difficult — but one thing about it is not. What’s quite simple about innovation is that projects are what make innovation real. The following concepts, frameworks, approaches, etc.

Are You an Innovator? Take the Quiz

Innovation in Practice

Consider formal training. Methods Practitioner Training creativity assessment creativity method innovation quiz inside the box steven jobsPlace a check mark beside the statement you agree with most. 1. A. Innovation occurs by adding features to a product. B.