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The building blocks of open innovation lead towards Business Ecosystems.

Paul Hobcraft

The building blocks of open innovation building towards Business Ecosystem design. By incorporating Open Innovation Strategies as the next building block, businesses can create a dynamic and expansive innovation ecosystem beyond internal and partnership and certain collaborative boundaries. This approach supports a culture of continuous learning, adaptation, and external collaboration, positioning the organization for sustained success in an ever-evolving business landscape that recognizes and l

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The Long-Term Costs of Wind Turbines

Harvard Business Review

Wind energy is experiencing a boom, but in a pattern eerily reminiscent of the nineteenth century Pennsylvania oil boom, wind farms are building ever larger turbines to farm wind energy further and further from shore. This trend carries risks, especially as turbines come with largely hidden costs. Increasing evidence suggests that although larger turbines can capture more energy, at a certain point the costs of maintaining and decommissioning large turbines located far offshore will outweigh the

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Qmarkets and Arable Ventures Launch Partnership to Provide Combined Corporate Venturing Software & Consultancy Services


A new partnership between Qmarkets and New York-based innovation and venture strategy firm Arable Ventures will provide a specialized innovation solution for enterprises across North America comprising both strategic consultancy services and dedicated software. Qmarkets works with consulting partners around the globe in order to offer localized support and strategic guidance to its customers wherever they are situated.

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How Leaders Miscommunicate When Tensions Are High

Harvard Business Review

When tensions run high, miscommunication is far more likely to occur. And tensions are likely high: In a recent global survey, 44% of employees reported they had experienced a lot of stress the previous day. To avoid creating unnecessary anxiety during times of uncertainty, leaders need to be especially thoughtful about how they communicate with their teams.

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Manufacturing Sustainability Surge: Your Guide to Data-Driven Energy Optimization & Decarbonization

Speaker: Kevin Kai Wong, President of Emergent Energy Solutions

In today's industrial landscape, the pursuit of sustainable energy optimization and decarbonization has become paramount. Manufacturing corporations across the U.S. are facing the urgent need to align with decarbonization goals while enhancing efficiency and productivity. Unfortunately, the lack of comprehensive energy data poses a significant challenge for manufacturing managers striving to meet their targets.

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5 Job Titles That Break the Mold and Fuel an Innovation Culture

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Robyn Bolton Fabric & Home Care Marketing That is the job title on my very first business card. I remember holding the card in my hands, staring at it for entirely too long, and thinking, “This is sooooo boring. Even my parents won’t be impressed.

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Surveilling Employees Erodes Trust — and Puts Managers in a Bind

Harvard Business Review

There’s a growing movement to track employee productivity through increasingly sophisticated technology, such as desktop surveillance, biometric smart badges, location tracking, or desk heat sensors. While this can be intrusive, it also presents opportunities for gaining profound insights into employee behavior, such as which applications employees use most frequently or whether employees are at risk of overworking based on their work patterns and productivity.

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Companies Can Win by Reducing Overwork

Harvard Business Review

A conversation with University of Georgia professor Malissa Clark dispelling myths about workaholism.

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Advancing R&D Strategies with AI-Enhanced Technology Reporting


Technology reporting is pivotal in the daily work of R&D experts, technology scouts, and research analysts. It enables the continuous monitoring of emerging trends and innovations, ensuring the company remains at the forefront of industry advancements. It informs strategic decision-making, guides R&D focus, and fosters an innovation-driven culture by highlighting opportunities for growth and competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving technological landscape.

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Elevating Thought Leadership: The Journey of Pursuing a Doctor of Business Administration Degree - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HKUST

Harvard Business Review

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