Sat.May 11, 2024

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Commanding vs Inviting

Rmukesh Gupta

We can be appointed as a leader of a team but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we should expect the team to follow us. We first need to earn their trust and respect. We do that by listening to them, understanding their ambitions and expectations, learn who and what matters to them, what their fears and inhibitions and the see the potential in them that they are unable to see themselves.

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Proudly Launching Transformation360

Innovation 360 Group

We at Innovation360 are incredibly proud to unveil Transformation360, a revolutionary platform we've developed as a team. The post Proudly Launching Transformation360 appeared first on Innovation360.

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Is Innovation evolving in the way I see it going?

Paul Hobcraft

Innovation is evolving, the future will be different I have been asking Google’s Gemini a series of questions about innovation, how it has evolved in the past twenty-five years, and where it seems to be heading. This is the third and final part of my questioning on looking towards the future and how innovation will evolve, starting from the original thread of looking over the evolution of innovation in the past twenty-five years, since 1999.