Mon.Mar 28, 2022

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The Power of the Humility Principle

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell In 1929, just before the stock market crash, Louis Bamberger and his sister, Caroline Bamberger Fuld, sold their department store in Newark to R.H. Macy and Company for $25 million ($343 million in 2015 dollars).

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What is the relationship between talent, creativity, skill and performance?

Idea to Value

Often, when someone says they are not creative , what they are really saying is that they do not believe they have the same level of skills or talents as people they look up to as creative. Even if the people they look up to have spent an entire lifetime developing those talents. What they do not realise is that creativity and skill are related, but not the same thing.


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Society 2045’s Collectively Connected Emotional Intelligence

Tullio Siragusa

Society 2045’s Collectively Connected Emotional Intelligence. Developing a well-organized structure and collaborative approach to achieving goals is the key to creating a great company. Can the same apply to society? The effort to liberate people at work can bring out the enthusiasm, creativity and potential that is otherwise locked away in individuals.

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Attitudes That Hurt Design Thinking & How to Change Them

Break these negative mindsets to unlock innovation through design thinking. This article is part 2 in a series designed to explore the design thinking process. Click the link here to read through Part 1: What is Design Thinking. . Here at, we typically refer to design thinking as a three-stage process: having a challenge/problem, developing ideas, and taking action to put those ideas into the real world.

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Scan to Success: How to Leverage QR Codes for Offline and Online Marketing Power

Speaker: Corey Daugherty, Head of Business Development at Flowcode

Let's explore the transformative power of QR codes in bridging offline and online marketing worlds. 📲 This new webinar featuring Corey Daugherty of Flowcode will dive into how innovative QR technology not only enhances traditional marketing strategies, but also drives meaningful customer engagement and analytics. Register today to gain practical knowledge on using QR codes to increase conversion rates, optimize customer journeys, and ultimately unlock a new realm of marketing potential!

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Why Do People Keep Insisting On Dissenting From Me?

Phil McKinney

I just don't understand why people keep insisting on dissenting from me. It's really quite frustrating and annoying. But I suppose I'll just have to deal with it because it's not like I'm ever wrong about anything. ?? ?? Dissenting is expressing disagreement with or opposing an opinion, view, or attitude. So if someone is […].

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Quote-to-Cash vs CPQ: Explained


When and why is it valuable for your services organization. A services company’s quote-to-cash process represents its ability to convert sales opportunities into paying and profitable customers. In order to implement the right quote-to-cash solution, services organizations must compare quote-to-cash vs cpq to determine the best tool that fits their needs.

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Michael Michalko

What do you know about creative thinking today that you wished you knew twenty years ago? That creativity is a phenomena that results from a certain combination of relationships. This combination includes the principles of intention, belief, attitude, behavior, language, knowing how to change the way you look at things, knowing how to think in different ways and learning how to think inclusively without the prejudices of logic.

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Top Recruitment Techniques To Increase Employee Retention

The Human Factor

Photo by Christina @ on Unsplash. Imagine this: you find the best candidate for a job opening in your business. Everything is going perfectly well until they quit. You may not see anything wrong until it becomes frequent. The inability of an organization to retain its staff shows poor employee retention — the ability and effort to retain the workers. .