Sun.Apr 14, 2024

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Why The Right Way Is Usually The Hard Way

Digital Tonto

One of the things that I’ve learned in over two decades researching innovation, transformation and change is that things that change the world always arrive out of context, for the simple reason that the world hasn’t changed yet. Ideas start out feeble, weak and alone. They need ecosystems to make an impact on the world. Einstein's ideas about relativity started out as a boyhood dream about riding on a bolt of light.

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Revolutionizing Innovative Sustainable Solutions Will Change the Way We Live


As the world continues to grapple with the realities of climate change, there is a growing need for innovative and sustainable solutions. This is not just a moral imperative, but a practical necessity for our collective survival.

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Companies Are Not Families

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from David Burkus It’s unclear where the metaphor got started. In fact, it probably didn’t start as a metaphor (“we are a family”); it probably started as a simile (“we are like a family”). Some well-meaning executive somewhere described the company culture as feeling like a family.

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Accessing FLOW State for Optimal Performance

Rmukesh Gupta

This post shares strategies and recommendations for leaders to enable their teams to accesss the state of FLOW and therefore deliver optimal performance and be happier at the same time.

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Scan to Success: How to Leverage QR Codes for Offline and Online Marketing Power

Speaker: Corey Daugherty, Head of Business Development at Flowcode

Let's explore the transformative power of QR codes in bridging offline and online marketing worlds. 📲 This new webinar featuring Corey Daugherty of Flowcode will dive into how innovative QR technology not only enhances traditional marketing strategies, but also drives meaningful customer engagement and analytics. Register today to gain practical knowledge on using QR codes to increase conversion rates, optimize customer journeys, and ultimately unlock a new realm of marketing potential!