Sun.Mar 26, 2023

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To Build The Technology Of Tomorrow We Need To Create The Ecosystems Today 

Digital Tonto

These days, it seems that every time you turn around you see some breakthrough technology that will change our lives. We see media reports about computing breakthroughs, miracle cures, new sources of energy and more. Unfortunately, very few will ever see the outside of a lab and even fewer will prove commercially viable enough to impact our lives. Don’t get me wrong.

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18 Retail KPIs & Metrics You Should Be Tracking (+ Template)

Cascade Strategy

Do you know how well your retail business is performing? Are you able to identify which areas of your retail operations are driving growth and which areas need improvement?


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Just Because We Can, Doesn’t Mean That We Should!

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Pete Foley An article on innovation from the BBC caught my eye this week. [link] After extensive research and experimentation, a group in Spain has worked out how to farm octopus. It’s clever innovation, but also comes with some ethical questions.

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Corporate "AInnovation" - How Will ChatGPT and AI Change Corporate Innovation?


Innov8rs | AI will not replace innovators. But innovators who use AI will replace those who don't. The potential of AI in the corporate world is immense, from strategy mapping and competitive landscaping to opportunity seizing, brief generation, and startup identification. How can you effectively leverage AI in your daily job? During our recent Innov8rs Learning Lab on Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement, Manuel Hellendorff (Head of Customer Success at Novable ) provided an overview

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How to Easily Navigate Crypto Accounting in the Web3 Era

Speaker: Aaron Jacob, VP of Accounting Solutions & Reagan Cook, GTM Lead

Are you struggling to navigate the complexities and challenges that come with crypto accounting? 🤔 This new webinar will cover everything businesses need to know to get started with crypto accounting after incorporating crypto into their business models! Industry experts Aaron Jacob and Reagan Cook of TaxBit will thoroughly explore the prevalent operational hurdles encountered by accounting teams when interacting with crypto on the books, and detail how software solutions can effectively

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Innovating? Have To Leave Your Comfy Zone


When it comes to innovation, leaving your comfort zone is crucial. Innovation requires taking risks, trying new things, and embracing the unknown. Getting stuck in a routine, doing the same things daily, and becoming complacent is all too easy. But if you want to innovate, you need to be willing to step outside of your… The post Innovating? Have To Leave Your Comfy Zone appeared first on IDEATE + EXECUTE.

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Open Strategy: Mastering Disruption From Outside The C-Suite


Innov8rs | Making strategy behind closed doors is a prescription for failure when disruptions are coming from all directions. Formulating and executing a sound organizational strategy is complex. Strategy is often made by elite teams and can thus be limited by their biases about competitors, customer needs, and market forces. And it can be an uphill battle convincing stakeholders across the organization to channel money, time, and energy in a new and unproven direction.