MCA Groupe Solver Spotlight


To find out, we spoke to Camille Pinard, Structured Projects Manager at the MCA GROUPE – a global engineering and high-tech consulting company and two-time winners of InnoCentive Challenges ( 9933751 and 9933755 ).

How a Facebook group found a eggwhite substitute in chickpeas

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Today I want to show you a recent example, where a group on Facebook found a solution to a problem which the food industry has spent billions trying to solve. Sometimes, the biggest innovation breakthroughs come from unexpected places.

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10 Skills You Need to Nurture in Your Innovation Group


Organizational innovation requires discipline. And like any other discipline, it requires monitoring and training to make sure that you’re on the cutting edge of your capabilities. But what skills should you focus on building and how can you track your progress? Strategies accountability collaboration employee engagement goals implementation innovation culture innovation fitness leadership open innovation reporting skills management trend

A New Facebook Group for Aspiring Innovators and Cultural Creatives

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This is why I have launched "Being a Creator on Planet Earth" -- a new Facebook group designed to help aspiring innovators, from every walk of life, manifest their big, bold, beautiful ideas. The Facebook Group. The creator of the Facebook Group.

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2017 Business Innovation Report

While most of our customers begin ideating with internal groups of employees, there’s nothing restricting organizations from expanding their programs to include external crowds, including partners, suppliers, vendors, customers, targeted consumer groups, and more. GROUP MANAGES THE.

How to Keep Small Group Brainstorming On Track

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small group sharing that had nothing to do with ideation). Before dividing into small groups, be very upfront about this non-ideation phenomenon. Ask each group to identify a "brainstorm facilitator" to keep things on track.

Using Games to Help Your Group Create Amazing Products

Innovation Excellence

Games can also be applied to innovation, which is the topic of the book “Innovation Games: Creating Breakthrough Products Through Collaborative Play.”

Does Group Loyalty Breed Unethical Behavior?

Michael Roberto

Angus Hildreth, Francesca Gino, and Max Bazerman have conducted a fascinating set of experimental studies that study the question: Does group loyalty breed unethical behavior? Here's how they examined that research question. They engaged members of three college fraternities. First, they asked them about their loyalty to their organization. A week later, they asked the fraternity brothers to solve a series of puzzles. They could earn money if they solved them correctly.

Creative Diversity – What group will drive implementation success?


Originally, the goal was simply bringing a diverse group together from across the company. That is a great lesson whenever you are thinking about selecting a diverse group of participants for a strategic or creative thinking workshop.

6 Keys to Making Collaborative Innovation Successful

Speaker: Soren Kaplan, Founder of InnovationPoint

BOOK GROUP PRESS GREENLEAF The H o w t o C r e a t e a C U l t U r e o f i N N o v a t i o N S o r e n K a p l a n , p h D An Excerpt from. Published by Greenleaf Book Group Press Austin, Texas Copyright ©2017 Soren Kaplan All rights reserved.

Empowering those with Disabilities – Product Hunt Columbus Recap: IDEAL Group


Empowering those with Disabilities – IDEAL Group. Empowering those with Disabilities – IDEAL Group. The IDEAL Group is a social enterprise. Steve Jacobs, of the IDEAL Group, came to Product Hunt Columbus to demo a closed-captioning product looking to solve these issues. As a solution, the IDEAL Group created a mobile app that allows users to write in an equation with their finger. Learn more about the IDEAL Group. Product Hunt Columbus Recap.

Strategic Planning Techniques – 2 Questions that Don’t Work in Groups


I’ve mentioned my surprise upon realizing strategic planning techniques The Brainzooming Group uses seem to have emerged from Bible passages. Sometimes the strategic thinking best approach involves a large, in-person group.

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Individual vs. Group Decision Making in the Venture Capital World

Michael Roberto

Groups, Wu argues, focus on explicit information and often fail to incorporate crucial tacit knowledge. Wharton doctoral candidate Andy Wu has conducted some interesting research about decision making in the venture capital world. He explains his research to Knowledge@Wharton: My current work focuses on the role of partners of venture capital firms who make angel investments on the side. What that allows us to do is compare organizational decision-making to individual decision-making.

Your New Idea Is Not Where You Think It Is

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collaboration Leadership Management Psychology Creativity Diversity group dynamics Groups Innovation InspirationIn the 1950s, in rural Oklahoma, at a place called Robbers Cave, several researchers performed an experiment we would find unethical today.

Can a Team Have Too Much Talent?

Michael Roberto

groups talent management teams

Seven Good Reasons Not to Innovate


Innovation Psychology barriers to innovation complacency focus groups innovative leadership resource management risk aversion SuccessInnovation is risky. Customers are not asking for it. We are already successful… Getting momentum behind significant innovation is difficult, and sometimes it’s easier for a business to stay in what they deem a safe spot. Let’s look at seven arguments that inhibit innovation as well as their counter arguments.

Analytics for Innovation: Why You Need to Read the External Signals

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Continue reading → Case Study Processes & Tools R&D Research Big Data External Data Keurig Kobi Gershoni product innovation Product Intelligence Signals GroupHow can you use big data to increase your chances of success at the fuzzy front-end through big data analytics?

Generating Disruptive Ideas for the Hyper-Digital Era


Strategies amazon communication employee ideation enterprise development group hyper digital IdeaScale innovation opportunities Internet of things leadership onboarding one hour innovator pitching training value creationDisruptive ideas don’t just happen - they must be championed.

Boost Your Creative Output By Working in Small Teams

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A very simple technique is, instead of working as a large group, imagine breaking the group down into smaller teams, pairs, or groups of three. But there's also another advantage to working in small groups.

Building Firm Value with Thought Leadership

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Continue reading → Digital Innovation Leadership Management Social Media Strategy marketing Boston Consulting Group consultants Consulting deloitte growth internal consulting revenue Thought Leaders Thought Leadership

9 Must Join Innovation Management Groups on Linkedin


LinkedIn groups provide both resources and connections to influencers, but how are you supposed to choose a group that is relevant? We know how important it is for Innovation experts to keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

Hire a Superstar or Dump a Toxic Worker?

Michael Roberto

Should you make it a priority to hire the next superstar talent for your team, or remove the toxic worker who is dragging the group down? employee turnover groups teams toxic workersWhich action has the most impact? Kellogg's Dylan Minor and his co-authors have examined this question. They define toxic workers as those who engage in violations of company policy and/or act unethically.

Go Big or Go Home: A Report from #CINONY2015

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Continue reading → Build Capability Conferences Military Innovation Presentations Processes & Tools Technology Visualization collaboration #cinony Big Data deloitte InnovationEnterprise Kobi Gershoni Signals Group TechnologyFast50

PBTO55: Unleashing Human Performance with Jason Forrest (@jforrestspeaker)

Rmukesh Gupta

Who is on the show: In this power packed episode, we host Jason Forrest, the CEO and the Chief Culture officer at the FPG group. Every year, Jason delivers approximately 92 keynotes/seminars and conducts 850 group coaching calls with sales teams, managers, and executives.

3 Reasons To Attend the Sophia User Group Meeting


While there are many reasons to attend the Sophia User Group Meeting, some are better than others. To help, we've summarized some of the best below

3 Reasons To Attend the Sophia User Group Meeting


While there are many reasons to attend the Sophia User Group Meeting, some are better than others. To help, we've summarized some of the best below

Podcast Interview with Gunter Media Group: Disruption and Innovation

Linda Bernardi

Truly enjoyed my time with Darrell Gunter of Gunter Media Group, WSOU: Leadership with Darrell W. Gunter WSOU 89.5 FM, Seton Hall University. Great discussion about disruption and innovation and how to succeed! Next interview covers to topic of IoT and will be broadcast at 8 a.m.

Helping a 1000 Entrepreneurs

Rmukesh Gupta

Masterminds : I shall create a mastermind group of entrepreneurs and host the same. I shall create the master mind group and update the information here later.

I’m an Executive and Need a New Strategy – Can Brainzooming help?


For as much as we share about the Brainzooming approach to strategy, creativity, and innovation, I still frequently get the question, “What is it The Brainzooming group does?”. Brainzooming - All Posts Implementation Innovation Strategy Strategic Planning The Brainzooming Group

Podcast Interview with Gunter Media Group: Disruption and Innovation

Linda Bernardi

Truly enjoyed my time with Darrell Gunter of Gunter Media Group, WSOU: Leadership with Darrell W. Gunter WSOU 89.5 FM, Seton Hall University. Great discussion about disruption and innovation and how to succeed! Next interview covers to topic of IoT and will be broadcast at 8 a.m. Eastern on April 1st! And we are planning a few more! Podcast is available on iTunes. Scroll down to the bottom of the list #181: [link] ). Disruption Innovation

Spigit Ignite Summit 2016: Announcing Speakers from Pfizer, CH2M, Lexington Insurance


Last year, over 140 leaders from globally recognized companies like IBM, AT&T, MetLife, Cigna, PwC, Unitedhealth Group, Siemens, Estee Lauder and more gathered at our Boston Summit to share new ideas, challenges, and findings resulting from their own innovation programs.

Comment on How to Run a Mastermind Group by eccountability

Stephen Shapiro

Although this post is almost 10 years old it covers off everything you need and it packed with great advice. Thanks Steven

Don’t Focus on the Problem, Innovate past it

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Two groups of engineering students were given a similar task – to design a bicycle rack for a car. The first group focused on the problems with the existing design and that constrained their thinking. The second group came up with much more elegant and effective designs. Innovation david niven Lateral Thinking problem solving shark Sharks Steven Spielberg travis kalanick Uber

Qmarkets Invited to Present at the Lufthansa Group Innovation Forum V, 2016


Taking place on the 8th of November at the cutting edge Lufthansa Seeheim facility near Frankfurt, the Lufthansa Innovation Forum 2016 brought together over 80 senior representatives to recognize and promote innovative activity within Lufthansa Group.

What Corporate Innovation Teams Need to Know about the New Breed of Unicorns


As a group, investors value them at $620 billion. In tech investing circles, unicorns—defined as a private company valued at $1 billion or more—are no longer a rare breed. Private equity researcher CB Insights says there are 170 operating in markets around the globe.

The 10,000 hour rule is wrong, according to its original authors

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Half of the ten violinists in that group hadn’t actually accumulated ten thousand hours at that age. Gladwell misunderstood this fact and incorrectly claimed that all the violinists in that group had accumulated over ten thousand hours.

Comment on How to Run a Mastermind Group by Stephen Shapiro

Stephen Shapiro

Thank for your comment. Wow, I can’t believe it is 10 years old! But it is. Fortunately some things stay relevant for a long time

Interview Jeffrey Baumgartner: How to get one amazing idea

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Brainstorming’ was developed as a concept in the 1930s by Alex Osborn, one of the founders of advertising agency BBDO, to get as many ideas as possible from a group. Jeffrey Baumgartner is not the sort of guy who settles for the status quo.

Innovate and Persuade with a Well-Judged Nudge

Destination Innovation is a non-profit group founded at Harvard University whose mission is to use the power of behavioral science to design scalable solutions to some of society’s most difficult problems. In 2015 the World Bank established a group to help developing countries use nudge policies.

Why “Follow your passion” is terrible advice for you & those you care about

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So the younger generation entering the workplace, which is now the largest generational population group there is, craves jobs which pay them enough to live their lifestyle, but also enable them to make a difference and enjoy them.