Mon.Sep 04, 2023

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Where People Go Wrong with Minimum Viable Products

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell Ever since Eric Reis published his bestselling book, The Lean Startup, the idea of a minimum viable product (MVP) has captured the imagination of entrepreneurs and product developers everywhere. The idea of testing products faster and cheaper has an intuitive logic that simply can’t be denied.

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Avoid These Pitfalls When Measuring Your Strategy’s Performance

Harvard Business Review

This article explores three common traps that managers fall into when measuring their strategy’s performance and explains how to avoid them. The first trap is when the strategic framework and measurement system don’t align. To fix it, you must organize both around key stakeholders. The second trap is when companies measure what they do rather than what they achieve.

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Data-Driven Risk Management: Predictive Analytics in Insurance Underwriting


In the rapidly evolving world of finance and insurance, brimming with risks and complexities, an amalgamation of data and analytics has created a transformative approach to risk management. Predictive analytics, a highly impactful tool powered by AI and machine learning, emerges as a game-changer in the insurance underwriting domain. In a nutshell, predictive analytics harnesses historical data to forecast future events.

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Innovation or Desperation?: New Mercedes Series to Run ZOOM on the Dash

Linda Bernardi

Really Mercedes? I am trying to wrap my head around the quality of a Zoom session while one is driving, hopefully with their attention on the road vs. running a Zoom session on the dash. Secondly, how is the audience going to perceive the speaker? Imagine the distractions while driving. Third: Seriously, what is the point? Recently I sat next to a guy at an airport club, extremely loud and crazy, while he screamed to be heard and seen at a Zoom session.

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Brick & Mortar Retail Relevance: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

Let's set the record straight: in-store retail isn't dead - it's evolving! Faced with the digital age and the demands of omnichannel shopping, some retailers are thriving while others are struggling to adapt. Join Jay Black in this exclusive session as he explores the strategies that set successful stores apart, including: Crafting unique and unforgettable in-store experiences 🛍️ Mastering the art of retail demands 🛒 Navigating inventory challenges in today's climate 📦 an

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The Crucible of Leadership: Integrity vs. “Being True to Yourself”

Tullio Siragusa

The Crucible of Leadership: Integrity vs. “Being True to Yourself” In the realm of leadership, principles and values often collide with personal whims and desires. One area where this becomes glaringly evident is in the concept of integrity. We live in an era where the phrase “being true to yourself” is often lauded as the highest form of authenticity.