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Innovating at Olympic Levels by Embracing Data-Driven Development for You and Your Enterprise


As the world eagerly awaits the upcoming Paris Olympics, the stage is set for athletes to showcase their preparation, prowess, and determination to clinch the coveted gold medals. In a parallel universe, the world of innovation is no less competitive, with organizations striving to produce winning ideas that yield a high return on investment (ROI). [.

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Collective Learning needs to be applied to the Hierarchy of Business Ecosystems.

Paul Hobcraft

Paradigm shifts come from collective learning within a Business to build different Ecosystems. How can we realize the power of ecosystem thinking and design and its growing value to enterprises? This will come through collective learning, exchanging and exploring a diversity of opinions and experiences. Achieving alternative perspectives enables a level of discovery that enables innovation it is the need to embrace new organizational design that Ecosystem thinking needs to be considered for buil

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How to Talk to Your Team About a Decision You Disagree With

Harvard Business Review

When you’re part of a company’s management structure, there will be moments when you’ll have to represent a decision your bosses made that you don’t agree with to your team. Carrying the proverbial flag on behalf of the powers-that-be won’t feel good, but that’s part of the job. Barring a decision or action that is immoral, illegal, or unethical, standing behind decisions that don’t go your way is one of the most challenging things you’ll have to do as a leader.

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The Event That Made Einstein an Icon

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell On April 3rd, 1921, a handful of journalists went to interview a relatively unknown scientist named Albert Einstein. When they arrived to meet his ship they found a crowd of thousands waiting for him, screaming with adulation.

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Implementing Intelligent Document Processing Solutions: Why It Works

See how companies like yours are tackling some of today’s most common business problems using AI-assisted automation for document processing. Manually capturing, extracting, and processing data within documents is a costly and outdated practice that’s holding your company back. IDP takes document processing to a whole new level so you can understand and use your data more effectively than ever before.

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The New Reality of Digital Nomads

Harvard Business Review

Digital nomadism has been on the rise, but the implications of this trend go far beyond post-pandemic location flexibility and remote work. A cultural shift is taking place in developed countries that sees swaths of people becoming disillusioned with the lure of the “good life” available to prior generations. Digital nomadism offers an alternative path away from expensive, long-term mortgages and a raft of possessions and instead opens the door for people to maximize their income by living in co

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Why Are Companies Sitting on Cash Right Now?

Harvard Business Review

Many companies sit on piles of cash, even when rates of return suggest they shouldn’t. Why? Researchers have pointed to multiple reasons, including flexibility for M&A and tax advantages. But new research suggests it’s also a form of insurance, especially for smaller firms. Their likelihood of experiencing an adverse event (measured by the chance of being delisted) is significantly higher when they hold less cash.

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Is AI the Future of Innovation Management?


Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about AI in the last year. The launch of ChatGPT has supercharged the hype around AI, and now we’re seeing dramatic progress at a pace unlike anything that’s come before. For those of us into innovation, it’s an exciting time. Much has been said about the topic at large so I won’t go over the details here.

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The Power of Resilience in Leadership: Building Mental Toughness for Challenging Times

Tullio Siragusa

The Power of Resilience in Leadership: Building Mental Toughness for Challenging Times In an era defined by rapid technological advancements, global interconnectedness, and unforeseen challenges, the ability to adapt and persevere through adversity has become a hallmark of effective leadership. Resilience, or mental toughness, is no longer just an advantageous trait; it is a fundamental requirement for leaders who aim to navigate their organizations through the complexities of the modern busines

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Your FP&A Team Needs an Intelligent, AI-Powered Planning Platform - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WORKDAY

Harvard Business Review

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Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI

“Reimagined: Building Products with Generative AI” is an extensive guide for integrating generative AI into product strategy and careers featuring over 150 real-world examples, 30 case studies, and 20+ frameworks, and endorsed by over 20 leading AI and product executives, inventors, entrepreneurs, and researchers.