Mon.May 27, 2019

Tart-up or Start up? Two innovation strategies for established companies

Idea to Value

The innovation game is not played on a level playing field. Start-ups – companies under 5 years old owned by one person or a small team of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists – will innovate quite differently from established companies, which have a history of successful growth and a market share to defend.

How to Choose the Right Software for Concept Development


Concept development is where most businesses start when they think about launching a new product or service. Guest post by upBOARD . It is one of the early stages of the innovation process, and it is integral to the continued success of any organization. In fact, one of the most important parts of running a successful business is identifying the right concepts that can turn into real innovations that will help you meet your customers’ needs.


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Fascinating new innovation: 3D colour X-rays

Idea to Value

If you think that all X-ray images can do is show you a picture of your skeleton, think again. Scientists from Mars Bioimaging at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand have developed new medical imaging technology which allows them to take pictures of the internal tissues of living beings (including humans), and show the different components of them in different colours. Check out the excellent original video by Tom Scott above to show how the technology works.

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When Innovation Goes Wrong, We Shouldn’t Blame Technology, But Ourselves

Innovation Excellence

When I speak at conferences, I’ve noticed that people are increasingly asking me about the unintended consequences of technological advance. As our technology becomes almost unimaginably powerful, there is growing apprehension and fear that we will be unable to control what we create. This, of course, isn’t anything new. When trains first appeared, many worried. Innovation

Professional Development Your Employees Actually Want

Did you know? Language learning is a proven PD tool that many employees already want, whether their organization is multilingual or not. In this eBook, you’ll learn how language learning makes employees more productive, reduces turnover, and more.

Innovative Solutions to Enhance Cybersecurity


In recent years, our world has become hyper-connected, and while that offers many substantial benefits to both corporations as well as individuals, these benefits come with a hefty price tag on our privacy and security. The post Innovative Solutions to Enhance Cybersecurity appeared first on Innovation Management. Strategies Trend Alert AI artificial intelligence cyberattacks cybersecurity fintech machine learning Technology

Accelerators v Startup Matching v Limited Partnership v CVC


You might already know that more than 50% of today’s S&P500 faces replacement in the next 10 years. A lesser known fact is that one in three listed companies are at risk of being de-listed in the next five years alone

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Can an Employee be an Entrepreneur?


I recently concluded an intense but rewarding podcast tour in support of my now newish book, Employee to Entrepreneur


We Need More Acceptance

Tullio Siragusa

We Need More Acceptance. With more liberty also comes more conflict. We live in a time when it’s easy to focus on the scandals, the left-side issues, and the right-side arguments, and even easier to take sides. People are cutting off friends and blocking each other on social networks. Cursing each other out and judging each other constantly. Self-righteousness has become the norm.

Dominant Logic: How Top Managers Make Powerful Decisions

Ankush Chopra

Dominant logic is a powerful concept in management literature. It refers to a shared cognitive map within the top management team that allows business leaders to make the right decisions fast. This map includes mindsets, worldview, conceptual models and administrative tools to accomplish goals and make decisions in that business.

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