Thu.Nov 22, 2018

What IdeaScale is Grateful For


Well, here in California it’s a predictably lovely fall day (brisk, but not cold with skittering leaves chasing each other down the sidewalk). It’s Thanksgiving in America and we think it’s a great idea to sit down and share our gratitude. Voting. If you haven’t noticed… IdeaScale loves voting.

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Start with the “Why Not?”

Innovation Excellence

In Simon Sinek’s popular TED Talk, which remains one of the most viewed ever, he explains how great leaders, like Steve Jobs, the Wright Brothers and Martin Luther King Jr. succeed where many others failed because they put purpose first. Start with why,” he says and then move on to the “what” and the “how.”. Innovation

Innovation for Introverts


Thanks to everyone who spoke at our Winter Union meet-up. And to those who braved the cold and incipient party season to come, learn and socialise. We had 10 cracking presentations and a great turn-out. It was, admittedly, a risk, putting on a show about introverts as many might have been tempted to stay at home and keep themselves company… Stuart from Waitrose in full flow.