Mon.May 22, 2023

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The Continuous Improvement Process Explained Step by Step

HYPE Innovation

Continuous improvement is a process that involves making incremental changes to systems, processes, and products to achieve better results over time. It’s a crucial aspect of business management, ensuring that organizations remain competitive, efficient, and profitable in a constantly evolving marketplace.

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My innovation journey (so far)

Jeffrey Phillips

I think a re-introduction is in order. I've been leading innovation work for close to 20 years, writing about it on this blog and in my book (Relentless Innovation). I've made some great friends along the way and been influenced by a range of great innovation thought leaders. Over the last year, I needed to take a step back, to focus on some other things, and to get a new perspective.


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Jira and Acclaim Products: complementary product management tools


Managing a product is no easy feat — it involves juggling a wide range of tasks, from planning and tracking to executing and releasing. Jira and Acclaim Products are two complementary product management tools that product managers use to help them complete these tasks.

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3 Steps for Creating and Implementing a Stakeholder Strategy

Harvard Business Review

How leaders can overcome their reluctance and embrace a practical, data-driven approach that creates value for shareholders and stakeholders alike.

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Empowering Retail Associates to Enhance the Customer Experience

Speaker: Andrew Regan, Managing Partner at BlueSeed Retail Ltd.

Did you know that 70% of new retail technology fails to deliver expected benefits and can often decrease customer value, service, and experience? With that in mind, how can we empower our store associates to leverage new technology to optimize the customer experience and boost productivity? This exclusive webinar with Andrew Regan will dive into strategies to empower retail associates for success with new technology.

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The Top Fears and Dangers of Generative AI — and What to Do About Them

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Here are a few of the biggest reasons people fear generative AI and potential solutions for each.

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Creating Psychological Safety for Black Women at Your Company

Harvard Business Review

What organizations tend to get wrong — and how to get it right.

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The Case for Investing in Digital Public Infrastructure

Harvard Business Review

How businesses and governments can work together to build digital foundations that benefit everyone.

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Empowering Human Potential: The Synergy of Generative AI and Human Ingenuity

Tullio Siragusa

Empowering Human Potential: The Synergy of Generative AI and Human Ingenuity Exciting advancements in Generative AI have opened new avenues for creativity and innovation. With the human factor at the helm, the possibilities are boundless. The Tech Leaders Unplugged podcast recently interviewed Miguel Navarro, a seasoned digital leader and patented inventor, has been at the forefront of harnessing this potential as the SVP of Business Technology at KeyBank.

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How Do I Work with a Difficult Boss?

Harvard Business Review

A senior leader who is struggling with his new boss must learn how to handle the negative work dynamic.

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The Art of Lean Product Development: How to Innovate Faster


In the world of product development, the only constant is change. The market is always evolving, customer expectations are constantly shifting, and your competitors are always on the move.

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Future Focus: Constructing Unshakeable Stability in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

We’ve all heard the buzzwords to describe new supply chain trends: resiliency, sustainability, AI, machine learning. But what do these really mean today? Over the past few years, manufacturing has had to adapt to and overcome a wide variety of supply chain trends and disruptions to stay as stable as possible. Stability has become key in this post-COVID world, and will remain key moving forward.