Mon.Mar 13, 2023

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What value does an Innovation Ecosystem offer?

Paul Hobcraft

Converging ideas and thinking brings out creativity and different innovative solutions Innovation ecosystems are gaining good traction to build out a more robust innovation management system that can offer the interconnected network of organizations the opportunity to create and commercialize new ideas, concepts, products and services. Participating in innovation ecosystems does have a number of advantages Greater access to a wider range of resources and expertise through the bringing together o

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Why Sales and Marketing Need to Embrace an Elevated Consciousness: Going Beyond Targets and Revenue

Tullio Siragusa

Why Sales and Marketing Need to Embrace an Elevated Consciousness: Going Beyond Targets and Revenue In today’s fast-paced, results-oriented business world, it’s easy for leaders and their teams to focus solely on achieving targets and driving revenue. However, this narrow focus can often come at the expense of the bigger picture — the impact that a company’s actions have on its employees, customers, and the wider community.


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Sales Teams Need to Stop Focusing on the Customer Funnel

Harvard Business Review

Instead, build an “experience chain” that aligns the customer journey across physical and digital channels.

Marketing 106
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Artificial Intelligence is Forcing Us to Answer Some Very Human Questions

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell Chris Dixon, who invested early in companies ranging from Warby Parker to Kickstarter, once wrote that the next big thing always starts out looking like a toy. That’s certainly true of artificial intelligence, which started out playing games like chess, go and playing humans on the game show Jeopardy!

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LLMOps for Your Data: Best Practices to Ensure Safety, Quality, and Cost

Speaker: Travis Addair, Co-Founder and CTO at Predibase

Large Language Models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT offer unprecedented potential for complex enterprise applications. However, productionzing LLMs comes with a unique set of challenges such as model brittleness, total cost of ownership, data governance and privacy, and the need for consistent, accurate outputs. Putting the right LLMOps process in place today will pay dividends tomorrow, enabling you to leverage the part of AI that constitutes your IP – your data – to build a defensible AI strategy for

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How Will Generative AI Disrupt Video Platforms?

Harvard Business Review

The technology will change what content is produced, how it’s produced, and who it’s shown to.

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Doodle Your Way to a Breakthrough? The Founder of This AI Company Illustrates Her Process.

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Sometimes putting pen to paper is key to cracking the code.

Company 78
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How an Optimized Reimbursement Program Can Help Drive Growth - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM MOTUS

Harvard Business Review

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