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Building Capacity for Breakthrough Innovation


This distinction is crucial because the management systems, support structures, and resources required to nurture breakthrough innovations differ significantly from those needed for more incremental changes. Organizations must develop a capability for breakthrough innovation that goes beyond traditional R&D functions.

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So Where Is Innovation Heading?

Paul Hobcraft

To achieve this innovation has gone digital, pure and simple. There are significant shifts underway towards digital innovation in R&D and new-product development. The road you take will decide where innovation is heading for you. It does seem we all need to pursue disruptive and radical innovation designs.


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Overcome resistance and capture growth in the Financial Services Industry

Innovation 360 Group

This can be both good and bad – good, because the acquirers get access to new ideas which can add revenue, and bad because it tends to discourage the development of internal innovation capability, in particular radical innovation which, in our view, is a critical aspect of long term success.

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The core principles of Leading FOR Innovation

Cris Beswick

However, for every Steve Jobs or Elon Musk who has famously steered their companies through the maelstrom of change, countless unsung leaders, often within the more traditional corporate structures, want to cultivate the culture that innovation requires within their organisation. It’s for those that I write this article!

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The Case for Dual Innovation

Tim Kastelle

Let’s sum up some relevant findings of these studies, making the case for dual innovation management: BCG: Most Innovative Companies 2014 . Similarly, about 70 percent of disruptive innovators also lean toward a more centralized approach. Deloitte: Radical Innovation and Growth – Global Board Survey 2016.

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Innovation and Organizational Culture

Tim Kastelle

Beside the annual ranking, headed by the top three companies Apple, Google and Samsung, some insightful outcomes with regard to organizational and cultural requirements have striked my eye. According to BCG’s research, successfully innovating companies approach innovation as a system. Adaptability and innovation culture.

Culture 100
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Successfully Merging Theory and Practice in your Innovation Program


On the other side you had the experts – think of Coopers and Edgett, Clayton Christiansen, Henry Chesbrough and Jay Doblin, theorizing and promoting new approaches to innovate. One of the challenges we must overcome is that technology and radical innovations are still considered as the only "true innovations".