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If You Want To Tell A Kick-Ass Story, Do These 3 Things

Digital Tonto

Some years back I was invited to visit the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. Over the years many of the world’s greatest minds have taken up residence there. It was where Einstein, along with other giants like Oppenheimer, von Neumann and Gödel, would reside until his death in 1955. It is a place, for me at least, in which stories permeate from every corner and crevice.

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Discover the Key Elements of a Powerful Innovation Strategy Framework and Watch Your Business Soar to New Heights


Innovation is essential for any business that wants to succeed in today's rapidly changing business landscape. But having an innovation strategy framework is even more important. This framework will help you identify the key elements necessary for innovation, and how to implement them to achieve success. What is an Innovation Strategy Framework? This framework is [.

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Being Accepting of Defeat is Necessary To Be Accepting of Victory – Bruce Lee

Rmukesh Gupta

I stumbled onto the scene in which Bruce Lee talks about winning and losing, about the art of dying. Before we go any further, take the time to watch the clip here. The wisdom shared is profound in its simplicity and simple in its profundity. Win or lose, Live or die, creative or boring – they are all two sides of the same coin. One can’t come without the other.

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Resistance to Innovation – What if electric cars came first?

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Dennis Stauffer In his acclaimed book the The Diffusion of Innovations—the most-cited work in all the social sciences—Everett Rogers explained how innovations frequently meet resistance. Resistance that isn’t always rational. How all-too-often we’re willing to accept the status quo despite its flaws and reject new options despite their benefits.

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Implementing Intelligent Document Processing Solutions: Why It Works

See how companies like yours are tackling some of today’s most common business problems using AI-assisted automation for document processing. Manually capturing, extracting, and processing data within documents is a costly and outdated practice that’s holding your company back. IDP takes document processing to a whole new level so you can understand and use your data more effectively than ever before.

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Transformation and change initiatives are usually designed as strategic interventions, intending to advance an organisation’s growth, deliver increased shareholder value, build competitive advantage, or improve its speed and agility to respond to fast-changing industries, in a disruptive business environment. These initiatives will typically focus on improving efficiency, and productivity, resolving IT legacy and technological issues, encouraging innovation, or developing high-performance

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