Mon.Jul 31, 2023

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Startup Metrics

TechEmpower Innovation

When talking to startup founders or other innovators, we always ask questions to better understand their business as a core. What does the business do? How does it meet customers’ needs? And most importantly, how does it make money? One way to approach that last question is to use this simple model: Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) How will your business reach prospects?

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From CxO to Individual Contributor: A Journey Back to Passion

Tullio Siragusa

From CxO to Individual Contributor: A Journey Back to Passion In a world dominated by the pursuit of titles, power, and prestige, it’s a rare and commendable decision to step down from a senior executive role to a lesser position. The pursuit of personal fulfillment and passion often takes a backseat to the societal pressure to ascend the corporate ladder.


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Qmarkets and OmniStrada Partner to Empower Asian Businesses with Continuous Improvement Culture & Capabilities


Qmarkets is pleased to announce a new partnership with OmniStrada , a digital consultancy based in Singapore advising businesses across Asia on areas including digital transformation, omnichannel, and more. Together, we will help businesses across Asia implement continuous improvement processes and nurture an innovation culture to drive efficiencies, build resilience and unlock growth potential.

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The Value of Digital Transformation

Harvard Business Review

A team at McKinsey tracked the performance of 80 banks over four years to identify exactly how their transformation efforts paid off — and how others can follow suit.

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Brick & Mortar Retail Relevance: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

Let's set the record straight: in-store retail isn't dead - it's evolving! Faced with the digital age and the demands of omnichannel shopping, some retailers are thriving while others are struggling to adapt. Join Jay Black in this exclusive session as he explores the strategies that set successful stores apart, including: Crafting unique and unforgettable in-store experiences 🛍️ Mastering the art of retail demands 🛒 Navigating inventory challenges in today's climate 📦 an

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Where People Go Wrong with Journey Maps

Innovation Excellence

by Braden Kelley When it comes to doing great customer experience work on behalf of HCLTech clients, journey maps are foundational. But it is harder to create meaningful, actionable journey maps than people might think.

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A New Dawn for Leadership: Embracing Change in the 21st Century

Phil McKinney

In the 21st Century, the leadership landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace. And leaders who are not able to adapt are being left behind. The need for change is more pertinent now than ever before, as traditional leadership models prove insufficient in addressing the complexities of our modern world. The Old Guard: Command-and-Control Leadership Historically, leadership has been characterized by a command-and-control approach.

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Four Transformation Secrets Business Leaders Can Learn from Social and Political Movements

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell In 2004, I was managing a major news organization during the Orange Revolution in Ukraine.

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The Role of User Experience (UX) in Product Innovation


A well-designed product can make all the difference in a crowded marketplace where businesses fight for consumers’ attention. However, a good design isn’t just about aesthetics or functionality; it’s about creating a positive user experience (UX). In today’s innovative environment, UX has emerged as a pivotal component of product development, driving success in various ways.

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How You Can Foster a Culture of Innovation To Drive Growth

PlanBox Innovation

This article originally appeared on Forbes. Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful organization. Without it, businesses risk stagnation and eventual failure. Yet, many organizations struggle to foster a culture of innovation that can drive growth and lead to transformative ideas. In my journey, I’ve had the opportunity to witness the strategic transformation of numerous companies.