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6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop


6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop. We put this infographic together for a client today to distill The Brainzooming Group approach into a few images depicting what we do to pave the way for a great strategic thinking workshop.

Five Magic Imagination Guidelines

Gregg Fraley

Five Magic Imagination Guidelines. You hear it so often that it becomes one of those things that you really don’t think about it. “Use your imagination” is the phrase or thought that I’m talking about. I believe that many of us actually fear our own imagination.

Simple Things That Could Hold You Back in Your Transformation Journey

Rmukesh Gupta

A good combination – Policies & Guidelines: I think what would be a better way to achieve our goals with policies is to have a mix of policies and guidelines. Some starting points to think about guidelines. For everything else, that depends on the judgement of the people in a given situation: Create guidelines for everything else & keep them simple to understand and easy to implement. Simple Things by Mukesh Gupta. Do we still need policies.

How can you put innovation to work? Take these examples


The ‘Oslo Manual: Guidelines for Collecting and Interpreting Innovation Data’ (3rd Edition, 2005) defines four. What is innovation? We can say it’s about R&D and S&T, but it’s also radical, disruptive, incremental and social innovation, as well as innovation competencies.

The Buyer's Guide to Innovation Management Software

and it should meet the most stringent security standards (including data centers that are US 508/ WCAG Accessible, SSAE 16 SOC1, SOC2-certified, ISO 27001 Certified, and PCI-DSS Certified, security policies that are modeled on ISO 27002 and Information Security Guidelines, and.

5 Steps Towards a Clear Focus to Any Business Challenge

Innovation Excellence

Use these 5 guidelines to make sure your focus is razor sharp. It’s essential to phrase your focus properly. If you ask the wrong question you will simply end up with useless answers. Continue reading → Creativity Experience Innovation Innovation Business Challenge focus focus question

How to Avoid Design Transfer Failure

Innovation Excellence

The pharmaceutical and medical devices industries have a long history of design transfer, complete with detailed definitions and procedure guidelines to help steer the design transfer team, and they still run into issues. Design transfer involves moving an approved design into production.

Strategic Thinking Questions – An Early Checkpoint for this Year


I needed a new way to express myself last night. That’s why instead of typing out nine strategic thinking questions from various business conversations (and contemplations) so far this week, I decided to Sharpie marker and share them with you in this image.

3 Key Questions #LifebyDesign


Same guidelines as above - hobbies, skills, work, learning, etc. There's tons of questions we can ask ourselves to assess our lives, careers, goals, etc. Studies have been done and courses taught on scientifically proven methods to do this assessment.

Strategic Planning Process – Creating a Workshop to Develop Strategy


6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop. Suppose you are on the hook to put together a team meeting or workshop to develop a strategy. Maybe you have done something similar before, or maybe you have never led a strategic planning process.

5 Guiding Principles for Your Next Innovation Challenge


Set guidelines for any desired innovations and make sure to identify ideas or approaches that you don’t want or need. Holding an open innovation challenge is an excellent way to ensure a continuous flow of fresh ideas to your organization.

Why We Are Entering A New Innovation Era.

Paul Hobcraft

It develops a deeper understanding of all the critical enablers around innovation through the leadership engagement that can then ‘cascade’ throughout the organization to align the innovation activity to these guidelines and ideas. Credit: Acacia Communications.

Treating Innovation Risk Differently, Dealing with Uncertainty

Paul Hobcraft

By sitting down and outlining the risk acceptable within evolving guidelines, those that are not ‘well-set in stone’ but will evolve and loosen as we learn. We need to open up our thinking about risk and innovation management.

Corporate Survival Book – The Importance of Innovation

Robert Brands

For more in-depth guidelines on how to promote innovation in your business, refer to Robert’s Rules of Innovation. In today’s “innovate or die” environment, existing businesses should innovate more than ever to stay on top.

Innovation Ventures: Separation vs. Integration

Integrative Innovation

In many organizations, no appropriate guidelines for this issue have been given up to now, although this poses a necessary condition to dual, integrative innovation success.

Strategy that sticks


As they define them, simple rules refer to “a handful of guidelines tailored to the user and the task at hand, which balance concrete guidance with the freedom to exercise judgment.” How do you talk about your business’s strategy so that your employees get it?

Are You an Innovator? Take the Quiz

Innovation in Practice

Here is a general guideline: 11 to 15 points: Consider yourself an innovator. Place a check mark beside the statement you agree with most. 1. A. Innovation occurs by adding features to a product. B. Innovation occurs by taking features out of a product. 2. A.

Identifying Opportunities for Disruptive Innovation


These beliefs gradually take hold and are mostly implicit, i.e. they are not written down as company guidelines but widely shared and adopted nonetheless. “If Innovation that challenges well established industry business models promises opportunity for some and instills fear in others.

Treating Innovation Risk Differently, Dealing with Uncertainty

Paul Hobcraft

We all can be encouraged to raise our risk appetite with establishing clear guidelines and parameters, so we all become more motivated and engaged, excited about a different future, curious to explore, wanting and encouraging an environment to experiment but this ‘signal’ and risk appetite guidelines must come from the top. By sitting down and outlining the risk acceptable within evolving guidelines, those that are not ‘well-set in stone’ but will evolve and loosen as we learn.

How to Create an Amazing Life by Design ~ 5 Fundamentals


is it a rule or guideline?). From the floorboards of Jackson Pollock' s studio in the Hamptons, NY. The paint spatterings can be traced to specific pieces of his art. Two and a half years ago, I was invited to share my story, Life by Design , at Brown University's Creative Mind Lecture series.

How do you Create an Annual Innovation Strategy?


Either way, there are some core guidelines that will help you develop a thoughtful and successful innovation strategy. It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time for a brand new annual innovation strategy for your organization.

Strategic Thinking – 4 Strategies for Successful Remote Collaboration


Are there any situational factors impacting these guidelines? Try converting the answers into general guidelines or a decision tree everyone can use.

Blockchain Is A Disruption and An Opportunity

Daniel Burrus

When Bitcoins were first introduced in 2009, they were the first cyber currency. I labeled them a Soft Trend—one whose future was looking good but not certain.

SCALING UP: From Corporate Startup to Innovation Impact

Integrative Innovation

We have started working on this approach and developed the first outlines of a solid framework: Some sort of scaling methodology containing guidelines on what to consider in which circumstances to improve the chances for successful scaling.

Preliminary CFP: WOIC 2015

Open Innovation

Many of the guidelines will be similar to the 2014 CFP. The deadline is June 15 for submissions to the 2nd World Open Innovation Conference (WOIC 2015). The conference will be held November 19-20, 2015 in Silicon Valley, California.

Achieving Innovations Capability Coherence

Paul Hobcraft

This is often not the fault of the innovator happily working away with no specific guidelines, apart from the general remit of “we need to be more innovative”, it lies in the boardroom not communicating the board’s needs clearly enough down the organization.

5 Excuses of Companies that Don’t Innovate (And How to Overcome Them)

Moves the Needle

Instead of operating under fear, work collaboratively with internal groups to create guidelines for running experiments. “We’re too big.” “We’re We’re not a startup.” “We’re We’re not ready.” “We We have the wrong culture.” “We We acquire innovation.”.

B2C 22

Carrots vs Cash – How to Make Innovation Addictive


These points can then be exchanged for rewards/recognition according to predetermined parameters/guidelines that you choose. Let's face it , taking a large group of somber and sensible employees and transforming them into a highly imaginative group of visionaries is challenging.

Expert Interview Series: B.J. Shannon of TINYpulse About the Role Employee Feedback Plays in Idea Management


What guidelines do you recommend to companies or organizations regarding whether the completion of employee surveys should be voluntary or mandatory? Shannon joined TINYpulse in June of 2013 as Employee # 1 and now heads up the global Customer Success Team. We caught up with B.J. to discuss the value of employee feedback and how best to obtain and leverage this information in order to help a company succeed.

Leveraging Organizational Identity to Foster Growth

Daniel Burrus

Rather, a corporate identity conveys value to consumers while also providing useful guidelines that drive both corporate and individual employees’ actions. A quote often attributed to Oscar Wilde urges people to be themselves because everyone else is taken. In a way, that bit of wisdom certainly applies to organizational identity, where what you are serves to differentiate you from both partners and competitors.

How a Strategic Planning Process Impacts Communication Options


The written format can concentrate on providing guidelines to operationalize implementation activities. We worked with a client to facilitate an information technology strategy vision.

The Brainzooming Blog at MM, 2K, 2000 Posts


You start writing blog posts , stick with it nearly every day , repeat that for nearly eight years, and suddenly, you have two thousand blog posts. At least that’s what has happened with the Brainzooming blog! Today, based on the post counter in WordPress, is our two thousandth blog.

eBook 42

How Can You Make Your Next Brainstorming Session Rock

Rmukesh Gupta

One of the reason why brainstorms fail, is that there are no clear guidelines on who will be responsible for the ideas generated and how will we select the ideas that will move forward to the next steps. Prime for Creativity. People are generally not in mindset to be creative.

How do you Create an Annual Innovation Strategy?


Either way, there are some core guidelines that will help you develop a thoughtful and successful innovation strategy. It’s a brand new year, which means it’s time for a brand new annual innovation strategy for your organization.

113 Ideas for Strategic Planning Process Improvement


6 Guidelines for a Great Strategic Thinking Workshop. It is time for strategic planning across organizations.

Ten Simple Ways to Establish a User Friendly Ideation Process

Idea Champions

That being said, there are some common sense guidelines to be aware of and adapt. Let's assume for a moment that you and your company value BIG IDEAS -- the kind of ideas that have the potential to change the game, differentiate you from the competition, and spark some major business growth.

Top Creative Clicks for the Week – Labor Day and Facebook. Is God an Algorithm?


But there is a guideline, try not to do any work. A friend recently told me a story about her friend whose grandmother, after engaging with Facebook, said the most wonderful thing.

Prime Time Innovation: Why Audiences Can’t Get Enough of “Shark Tank” and Other Entrepreneurial Reality TV Shows

Robert Brands

For more in-depth guidelines on how to promote innovation in your business, refer to Robert’s Rules of Innovation , one of the best business entrepreneur books. Move over rose wielding bachelors and cha-chaing celebutantes, reality TV has crowned a new ratings darling: ABC’s “Shark Tank”.

Developing a new framework for risk and innovation.

Paul Hobcraft

Firstly lets establish some observations: Directors and senior managers need a globally accepted guide on the attributes of an effective risk appetite framework to manage innovation, independent of their corporate risk guidelines but they dovetail into them.

Finding the Advantage in Regulation

Daniel Burrus

By anticipating both problems and opportunities from new government guidelines—and from there, identifying ways to leverage those new rules—you can be a government regulation disruptor rather than just the disrupted. In my New York Times bestselling book, Flash Foresight , I shared a proven methodology I have developed and refined over the decades for separating Hard Trends, those future facts that will happen, from Soft Trends, those assumptions about the future that might happen.