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The Internet of Things brings fresh Innovation Opportunities

Destination Innovation

The Internet of Things (IOT) will have a dramatic impact on product and service innovation. When Tesla discovered that its cars had a problem with uphill starts it released a software patch to fix the problem. Firms will have to hire software engineers to design and deliver service solutions based on usage data.

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The future interplays between design thinking, technology and AI

Paul Hobcraft

Our innovation tools and design approaches must evolve due to the potential of bringing humans, technology and AI into this interplay thinking. Design Thinking Software Ecosystems : An ecosystem of software tools tailored explicitly for Design Thinking is emerging.


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Industry 4.0


It’s all about embracing automation, artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things to optimize productivity, efficiency, and innovation across the supply chain. His or her idea must be recorded, reviewed, and promoted in a systemized process of non-siloed corporate ideation. Industry 4.0 Industry 4.0

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5 Key Cloud Computing Trends to Watch in 2022


A container is a package of software consisting of all the required dependencies bundled together so that I can run on any host system. Container-as-a-Service (CaaS), therefore, is a cloud-based service where that enables software developers to rapidly plant and scale containerized applications on a given cloud infrastructure.

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The Key Trends to Watch in Cybersecurity

Business and Tech

To address the problem, security leaders should: Review hiring practices. How can cybersecurity teams ensure compliance that all cybersecurity software is active and running on all endpoints? This is in part due to the pandemic restricting the movement of “hands on” personnel configuring new data center hardware in person.

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Does AI Replace Human Work?

The BMI Lab Blog

The world is becoming more and more interconnected and narrow due to technology and is closely connected like a village. The internet of things (IoT) is moving towards an economy of things in which products, processes, machines and algorithms act autonomously to satisfy customers, produce goods and services and create business value.

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Recognizing the value of innovative interplays for design thinking impact.


Design Thinking Software Ecosystems : An ecosystem of software tools tailored explicitly for Design Thinking is emerging. User-Centered Design Software : Specialized software focuses on user-centered design, allowing designers to prioritize user needs and preferences.