5 Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing PPM


Organizations with sound project portfolio management frameworks in place have more than a competitive edge in their industries. These organizations consistently outperform others: Their projects are more successful, and their projects deliver higher value.

Product Hunt Columbus Recap – Grypmat, Yubi Beauty, and Shuffle!


Product Hunt Columbus – Grypmat, Yubi Beauty, and Shuffle. DECEMBER 4, 2018 — This Product Hunt Columbus event was an extra special one. Both products were made right here in Columbus and both were able to come out and present at Product Hunt Columbus.

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UX Design Careers in 2018 and Beyond: The Future of the UX Designer

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By another source , the number is 24,000, with a 22% projected growth rate in the next ten years. According to Maryville University , for instance, studying software development can be a solid foundation for a career as a UX designer. Product design.

The UX Professionals’ Guide to Working with Agile Scrum Teams

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The adoption of Agile software development approaches are on the rise across our industry, which means UX professionals are more likely than ever to support Agile projects. There are variety of Agile development approaches in use, but Scrum is currently the most popular: over 70% of software professionals using Agile methodologies employ some variant of the Scrum methodology. “One of my teams has a lot of ideas and contributes a lot to the UX of the product.

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Stop Building Products No One Wants: How to Experiment Your Way to Success

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When it comes to the development and commercialization of new products , no one holds more accountability for the product’s ultimate success than the Product Manager. Product Manager” isn’t exactly a title that fits neatly into a box. In most cases, a product manager is someone who works cross-functionally with development, marketing, and customer support in order to map out use cases for new products.

The Marketing Stakeholder Interview

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Project Management for Stakeholder Interviews. Marketing stakeholders (such as marketing executives and most product managers) are usually responsible for promoting the company’s brand, identifying new market opportunities and products that could address them, or both. It’s essential to see where the marketing team wants to take the product or the brand, especially if it involves a change in direction. How does this product fit into the overall product strategy?