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3 Major Problems with Web Development Projects

Innovation Excellence

It doesn’t matter who you are – a customer or a web developer, for you will encounter same problems when you are faced with website development projects. Continue reading →

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3 Project Management Strategies for a Hybrid Workplace

Harvard Business Review

In the author’s experience running dozens of web development and content projects, there are three key areas for hybrid project managers to think about: How to plan and kick off the project with the right people and expectations, how to set up tools so everyone can use them, and how to use meetings effectively.

Project 134

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5 Simple Rules That Will Make You A Powerful Communicator

Digital Tonto

Related posts: 4 Simple Rules That Will Make You A Better Writer Beware Of Simple Rules And Slogans—They Can Kill Your Business How to Write Well 6 Simple Web Development Tips for Traditional Media 5 Things I’ve Learned About Creativity The post 5 Simple Rules That Will Make You A Powerful Communicator first appeared on Digital Tonto.

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Brunner Promotes Team Members to Recognize and Reward ‘Great Work’ for Clients


Web Developer Anthony Satkowski, Sr. Web Developer Integrated Marketing Communications Team Tatum Amos, Sr. Congratulations to everyone! Creative Team Jonthan Banks, Creative Director Chrisy Celestin, UX Design Manager Sinping Ku, Sr. Art Director Digital Experience Team David Kir, Sr.

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How Innovations in Web Development Shape Online Exposure for Small Businesses


At the core of every successful business lies innovation. This innovation, however, doesn’t always have to be of internal nature in the form of a new product or an upgraded service in order to have a spectacular effect on your brand’s success.

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Soren Kaplan’s – January 2016 Leapfrogging Newsletter


Must-Reads From Around the Web. Developers of Messaging Apps Reach Fewer Users, Win More Fans. Asking Questions is a Powerful Way to Initiate Change – Can the “Question-Behaviour Effect” Help Motivate You? Can Drinking Make You Smarter? The Dwindling Impact of TV Campaign Ads.

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Hackathons: The Marathon of Innovation


In mobile apps, video games, and web development, a lot of progress was made with this tool. Having its origin in the late 90's programmers meetings, the term Hackathons comes from the integration of the concepts marathon and hacker.