Innovation is Human

Braden Kelley

As … Continue reading → Innovation Leadership Management Psychology analogies comparisons exercise fitness health StrategyIn many ways organizations are like humans, and others have described organizations and organizational change in biological terms before.


These guys built a beautiful scale version of our solar system

Idea to Value

Doesn’t our planet seem so small in comparison? Sometimes it takes my breath away what some people can do with a little imagination, careful planning and some hard work.


This engineer replaced a $1,000.00+ medical device with one costing $0.20

Idea to Value

By comparison, a Formula 1 engine spins at about 15,000 RPM. Sometimes, you need to set yourself really strict constraints in order to come up with the most creative innovations.


104 Mobile Marketing Facts [infographic]

Innovation Excellence

This infographic, compiled by the team behind Website Builder, offers 104 mobile marketing facts, including desktop vs. mobile comparisons, niches that work best, great mobile marketing techniques, but also usage, user friendliness, adoption, commerce, search and conversion stats.


Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

By comparison, averaged over all companies that have been using Spigit for. QUANTIFYING A CULTURE OF. INNOVATION A RIGOROUS, QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS OF. CORPORATE INNOVATION CULTURES Is there a best way for companies to innovate successfully? Our research. proves there is.

How to Avoid Voting Bias in Crowdsourcing


Use one of IdeaScale’s other evaluation methods: five star-ratings, pairwise comparison, etc. Crowdsourcing has been judged to be one of the most impactful, but least used digital hacks by organizations by Gartner. Why is that?


#1,288 – Plastic Eating Enzyme

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

On face value it pales in comparison to the Pacemaker or even the Slinky. Some of the greatest discoveries of all-time have happened by accident. The Microwave. Play-Doh. Viagra. The list goes on and on. And now there’s a new entrant: plastic eating enzymes.


Wrong Thinking: The Key to Thinking Differently


Because in comparison to what is, true creative ideas a wrong; they challenge the status quo. In the The Big Bang podcast we provoke and discuss possible futures, which means we have to ask ourselves “what’s possible?”


I Could Live Without Facebook. Could You?


For comparison, Netflix, one of the most successful subscription services has 100 millions paid users; I’m doubtful Facebook could do any better. Facebook is in hot water right now.


The State of Innovation Management in 2015 Just Released

Paul Hobcraft

As we come closer to the year-end it’s good to look back, make some dedicated time to take ‘stock’, in this case, on innovation’s progress.


Virgin just invested in new supersonic jets which travel faster than Concorde

Idea to Value

In comparison, Concorde’s top speed was around 1,350mph. Virgin will partner with Boom to buy 10 of its new supersonic aircraft, with ticket prices about the same as current business class. These innovative planes would be faster than the decommissioned Concorde service, able to fly from London to New York in about 3.4 hours, yet would be cheap enough to run that they would be economically competitive with normal airlines taking more than twice as long.


#1,328 – Cobra Kai

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

The closest comparison might be the Despicable Me series that puts an evil genius in the spotlight. Great ideas come in all shapes and sizes but one sector that I’ve rarely touched on are the great ideas hailing from Hollywood. Cobra Kai changes all that.


Customer Experience Strategy: 4 Ideas for Creating Customer Focus


Think about the price comparison tool Progressive Insurance ads feature. To keep potential customers from third-party sites, Progressive offers competitive price comparisons, even though it does not always win.


Researchers Devise a Way for AI to Boost Innovation


What scientists have done is devise a way for computers to find analogies, that is comparisons between very different methods and problems that have underlying similarities.


What Apple Can Learn From Tires

Matthew May

I have absolutely no base of comparison, nothing to relate the numbers to. Now where it gets interesting is in the comparison of different version of the tire…Vittoria makes it super easy by using color-coded overlays.


How to Foster Innovation in a Risk-Averse Environment


Draw comparisons between what other companies are doing, make it clear why they’re doing it, and refer to their success and what they’ve learned from it. Risk aversion can make innovation difficult. How do you get around your company’s aversion to risk?


Leave Benchmarks Behind

Daniel Burrus

Would that move your organization past an “us versus them” struggle and promote innovation without a knee-jerk comparison to what others are doing? Competition inherently invites comparison and, with it, the idea of benchmarking.


Overall Innovation Program Health


How you perform in comparison to other IdeaScale communities. IdeaScale’s new reporting dashboard has been adopted by numerous organizations so far, but we wanted to take the opportunity to highlight some of the reasons customers have started making decisions with the new reporting dashboard. The short answer?


12 Resources to Lead a Strategic Planning Process When You’re New


As a new strategic planner, you can quickly gain advantage by bringing intriguing comparisons to the table. Making Great Comparisons.


Creating New "Benefit Delivery Vehicles"

Innovation in Practice

For that, you need to do a detailed comparison of how your product compares to the competition's, feature by feature. . Then look at your competitive comparison. Innovation is all about delivering value to customers, and you do that by offering them the right products and services.


Recommendations on Producing a Cover Letter When Time For Workforce

Gijs Van Wulfen

Compare and Contrast Essay An assessment as well as Comparison article can be an composition in which a person possibly assess anything or even distinction anything. Right after determining the niche to your essay, you should proceed to brainstorm the particular things regarding comparison and form a contrast about the 2 subject areas along with road available the particular thoughts of this article put together. Have guests get turns using cards looking for a match.


Can mindfulness stimulate sustainability-oriented innovation?

Norbert Bol

Positive aspects of mindfulness are that people gain a better awareness of one’s inner and outer worlds without immediate categorizations, comparisons, self-reference, judgements or criticism.


How Innovation Affects Brand Loyalty

Innovation in Practice

And, show comparisons between your product and the competition. A company that retains a high percentage of its customers must be doing a lot of things right. That’s why Retention Rate is the best indicator of a company’s long term viability. But keeping customers can be very challenging.


Is your company up for disruption? Possibly not

David Marks

The fantastic valuations of a typical startup makes respectable earnings elsewhere seem feeble by comparison. (I For the best part of the past decade consulting firms and doom mongers have been heaping scorn on established companies and large corporations.


Creating the Industrial Ecosystem

Paul Hobcraft

Partly they, Siemens, have lived with Mindsphere for some time and it has become embedded in where they are going, perhaps forgetting the significant lag the outside world has to this, to relate or appreciate or make those essential comparisons.


Are you having fun riding the innovation waves?

Paul Hobcraft

[link] – riding-the-wave. Three years back I took a view on what to focus upon in my innovation activities to meet client needs, they did seem to make sense at the time.


Alexa to the Rescue: Considering the Environments in Which We Innovate

Innovation Archetecture

By comparison, I am of an age where I view Alexa as something of an anomaly and Siri as something of a nuisance. One afternoon last week I picked up my four-year-old daughter from her pre-school. On the drive home she said, “take me to McDonalds.”


How EA Became the Most Hated Company On the Internet (and How They Can Fix It)


The comparison is, "I'm buying a car that comes with a stereo, I shouldn't have to pay extra to unlock radio stations I want to listen to!". . In comparison, the second most downvoted comment on Reddit has "only" 25,000 downvotes. A Problem, There Is.


Levers for Healthcare Innovation

Idea to Value

Clinician knowledge sharing and comparison. Healthcare in the United States is in transition. The historical fee-for-service model in the healthcare industry is being challenged and is unsustainable as the future nears. Change will continue with the demand for new approaches for healthcare. This change is immense, impacting nearly every aspect of the health system.


Ideation Collaboration Software – Did you know your innovation software is an amazing collaboration system?


You can view a FREE ideation collaboration software comparison and download a one-page, step-by-step comparison checklist to compare your select choice of providers. Ideation Collaboration Software: Killing three or more birds with one software.


The Declaration of Innovation

OVO Innovation

This comparison may seem a bit farfetched - overthrowing a distant government versus trying to engage a business in more innovation - but the analogies and investments and costs are very similar. In the spirit of July 4th, and more importantly focused on the real need for innovation and the significant resistance to innovation in larger companies, it occurs to me that innovators need to create their own Declaration of Innovation.


The Elements of Blockchain

Information Playground

How are these keys managed in comparison to other corporate key management systems? How Technologists across Dell have been discussing a variety of Blockchain use cases with our customers.


Blockchain as Storage: Evolution not Revolution

Information Playground

While we need to recognize that a blockchain doesn't store large data sets like an object store does, we can certainly draw some comparisons: Applications insert data into a blockchain from anywhere in the world. Last year I purchased the book Blockchain Revolution by Don Tapscott.


Innovate to Reduce Your Customer's Risk

Innovation in Practice

Show comparisons between your product and the competition. Do you remember a time when you were just about to buy something, but at the last minute, you stopped and said, “No, I don’t think I’ll buy this.” So what stopped you? It was most likely because you were worried about something.


Project Management – 8 Chracteristics of a DRI


It’s easy for people in big meetings to weasel out of taking responsibility for taking action and moving an initiative forward. What’s the project management answer to addressing this tendency among teams and team members? One answer is making sure you identify a DRI.


A Recap of Innova-Con 2018: The Maturation of Innovation Management Continues

Innovation Archetecture

” Several were, by comparison, more experienced hands. Last week I had the good fortune to participate in and present at the Innova-Con 2018 conference. Booz Allen Hamilton hosted Innova-Con at their new Innovation Center across from McPherson Square in Washington DC.


Are you having fun riding the innovation waves?

Paul Hobcraft

[link] – riding-the-wave. Three years back I took a view on what to focus upon in my innovation activities to meet client needs, they did seem to make sense at the time.


Will Xiaomi Stop the iPhone in China?

Outside Innovation

By comparison, Huawei’s sales surged 48% over the prior quarter.". There's a "new" smartphone that's gaining rapid marketshare and challenging Apple's global brand primacy: Xiaomi's ((pronounced Show-em) Mi.


On the Origin of Companies

David Marks

By comparison, the concept of survival of the fittest in the corporate world is much less mysterious or controversial.


The only two measures that matter

David Marks

Apple by comparison stayed a niche player. On the backdrop of the boundless creativity of scientists, technologists and entrepreneurs (often one and the same) a cottage industry of management theories has emerged.