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Building a Culture of Innovation

Fehmida Kapadia

The right geographical, cultural, and economic environments can create an ecosystem that facilitates innovation and creativity. We can take these pages from history and implement those lessons to build ecosystems of innovation and creativity. Genius is created, not born. Picasso Children create with abandon.

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Culture of Innovation: Premera Blue Cross Engages Employees to Drive Innovation


As organizations seek to add value to customers and develop new, differentiated products and services, innovation is at the heart of strategy. It starts with creating a culture of innovation from within by tapping into the wisdom of employees. Nurture a culture of innovation through crowdsourcing, workshops, and meet ups.


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Employee Engagement Propels Innovation


Most companies will agree that innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation is seen by most business leaders as the number one way to drive innovation for the business. However, for this culture to exist, employee engagement is imperative.

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Cutting EDGE Innovation: How FORVIS set up for Idea Management Success


The firm’s name is a portmanteau of “forward vision” and that, too, is a foundational element of its culture, which also includes a robust commitment to innovation. Denny Ard (pictured left) is the National Director of EDGE, the Innovation Lab of FORVIS. One is the emergence of new technologies. “As

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Using Crowdsourced Innovation in the Real World


Having a well-defined innovation strategy is more important than ever. To keep up with the modern professional landscape, companies must create an innovation culture that constantly looks for new ways to meet the needs of the customer. One way to do that is through crowdsourced innovation. Is managed and measured.

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Innovating During and Post-Crisis: How to Keep the Momentum


Although the pandemic results have been catastrophic in many ways, it’s important to remember that massive periods of transformation also pave the way for innovation. Here’s how companies can continue to innovate post-pandemic. Foster a Culture of Innovation. Use Customer Insights to Discover Opportunities.

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Participation leads to Innovation

Destination Innovation

Spigit is a leading innovation management software company. They recently published a research paper entitled ‘Quantifying a Culture of Innovation.’ They found that four factors were particularly important for success with innovation and growth. Quantifying a Culture of Innovation.

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