Mon.Jul 27, 2020

How CVS, Carhartt & Elsevier Pivoted to Face COVID-19

Innovation Leader

How have teams pivoted to face the challenges of 2020? Rhett Alden of Elsevier discusses launching a COVID-19 Resource Center in four weeks. Innovators from Carhartt and CVS share insights

Selfishness as a virtue?


SELFISHNESS AS A VIRTUE ALERT: by demanding personalized, consumer-grade experiences for my own employee experience, I inadvertently demand the same for every employee and create a public utility for my organization.

Study 52

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GovTech: From Great Challenges to Great Opportunities


While I started to interview people around the world who work in the field of GovTech, I discovered that there tend to be very similar patterns in terms of their answers, approaches and perspectives. It turns out, GovTech challenges and approaches are shared by various experts all around the world!

Fanning the flames of post-pandemic fictions

The Future Shapers

If exploitation and greed remain our driving ambitions, and if the chasm between the poor and the wealthy widens much more, we will either face revolution or extinction. What are the crucial lessons that we need to learn from this pandemic?

Enabling Career Paths for Employees is Good for Business

Tullio Siragusa

Enabling Career Paths for Employees is Good for Business. Defining career paths for team members can help you to retain the investment made to nurture great talent in your company. It also helps motivate people to actively contribute to the success of the company.

User Experience: Advantages of the UX strategy


It also ensures that the vision, user needs, and technical resources are aligned, keeping the team’s resources in check. Making sure key players are focused on solving the target users’ high priority issues. In this article, we will reflect on the value of UX. Please keep reading to understand the importance of having a UX strategy, what benefits it can offer you, and tips on developing one! Why you need to create a UX strategy.