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Drive Out Fear for innovation to Flow

Innovation Excellence

The primary impediment to innovation is fear, and the prime directive of any innovation system should be to drive out fear. A culture of accountability, implemented poorly, can inject fear and deter innovation. When the team is accountable to deliver on a project but are constrained to a fixed scope, a fixed launch date and. Innovation fear fear of failure Psychology

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Pulse of Innovation: Upgrading an Established Innovation Program


Every so often we ask our community to sound off on popular topics in innovation and share their best tips, tricks, and advice in hopes that their answers may inspire others in the field. We’ve gathered these insights by email, over phone calls, at events and roundtables, and catching up with clients and colleagues. Innovation Innovation Ops Pulse of Innovation

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What to Do About the Change Back Reaction

Erin (Pink) Mosley

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Accountability Is a Team Sport

Tullio Siragusa

Accountability Is a Team Sport. Personal accountability is about being responsible for your decisions, actions, attitude, reaction, communication, and relationships. It is rooted in the belief that you are the controller of your life. You own your promises and commitments and the outcomes. Often the word accountability carries a heavy almost dreadful feeling, but it’s really about self-empowerment. Personal Accountability.

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Roadmap Personas: The Best Way to Set Expectations for Teams, Clients, and Leadership

Speaker: Johanna Rothman - Management Consultant, Rothman Consulting Group

Join Johanna Rothman as she discusses developing persona-specific roadmaps and the reasons why sometimes less is more.

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Exploring and Exploiting for Innovation (Part 1)

Innovation Excellence

In so many ways it often feels like innovation is both wholly new, and ancient at the same time. Tools that we use to innovate aren’t new, in fact many are very old, but put to appropriate use they help us create miraculous new things. Too often we distrust old tools or methods, thinking that. Innovation Exploitation exploration

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Hire for kindness and curiosity

The Future Shapers

Learning from serial entrepreneurs is always a good idea. Asking them the questions you are wondering about can assist in overcoming early obstacles and help you get ahead. Tom Hammond interviewed Tiernan Mines, co-founder of Hello Lamp Post and talked about entrepreneurial spirit, taking risks, the value of support networks and things to consider for the start-up’s first hire. The post Hire for kindness and curiosity appeared first on The Future Shapers.

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25 Recent Data Points and Charts for Innovators in Large Organizations

Innovation Leader

This presentation includes 25 charts, graphs and rankings—all published in 2018 or 2019—that are relevant to people working on innovation and R&D initiatives in large organizations. The material comes from Innovation Leader research reports, as well as reports produced by Deloitte, KPMG, BCG, and others. You can download the presentation

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Predicting Sepsis Risk with AI Algorithm


Building and training an AI-based sepsis prediction tool that assesses hundreds of different patient risk factors

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How to Setup Your IoT Project for Success


“ If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there. Lewis Carroll. When starting out, the vast amount of information provided by Internet of Things (IoT) devices can be tantalizing. It can also be an overwhelming amount of data that has no meaning if you aren’t prepared. Planning for metrics and reports may feel like the last thing you want to worry about when there are so many more important things to do during the launching of a new IoT project.

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