Mon.Jul 25, 2022

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Four Keys to Decision Making Every Leader Should Know

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell A leader’s primary responsibility is to make tough decisions. If the issues are unimportant and the choices are clear, someone lower down in the organization usually deals with it. The stuff that comes to you is mostly what others are unable, or unwilling, to decide themselves. That leaves you with […].

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Unlocking Innovation with Data, Creativity, and Automation

Tullio Siragusa

Unlocking Innovation with Data, Creativity, and Automation. There are many different paths to achieving success. For some, it may be through hard work and determination, while others may find success through innovation with creativity, data, and automation. No matter what your path is, it’s important to stay up to date on the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead of the competition.

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Working Through Your On-Camera Meeting Anxiety

Harvard Business Review

Six simple habits to help ease your mind and body.

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Rules for Living a Happy Life

Michael Roberto

Image source: Forbes Harvard Business School Professor Arthur Brooks writes a terrific column for The Atlantic about achieving happiness in life. He also teaches a course on this subject to MBA students, as described in this recent Wall Street Journal article. To celebrate his 100th column this weekend, Brooks highlighted his "three biggest happiness rules.

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Implementing Intelligent Document Processing Solutions: Why It Works

See how companies like yours are tackling some of today’s most common business problems using AI-assisted automation for document processing. Manually capturing, extracting, and processing data within documents is a costly and outdated practice that’s holding your company back. IDP takes document processing to a whole new level so you can understand and use your data more effectively than ever before.

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How to Stay Cool When You’re Put on the Spot

Harvard Business Review

You can’t always control your first reaction — but you can manage your second.

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How to Build FinOps That Lead on Digital Transformation - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM WNS

Harvard Business Review

Sponsor content from WNS.

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Don’t Let Layoffs Undermine Your DEI Efforts

Harvard Business Review

A “last hired/first fired” approach disproportionately impacts women and people of color.

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