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Why Failure is an Innovation Aphrodisiac to Some

Innovation Excellence

If you stick around innovation long enough you’ll probably come to believe that we are all dead-enders. After all, what group of people could willingly embrace as much failure with such a positive attitude? Failure, you’ll be reminded, is necessary for innovation.

How Disney’s Philosophy on Failure Drives Growth

Innovation Leader

“I have always tried to make everyone aware that failure is not a corporate death sentence,” says former Disney CEO Michael Eisner. Here are some of the biggest failures Disney has experienced in the last 20 years — and how the entertainment giant has bounced back

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Urban Co-living: An Innovation Success Story

New Markets Advisors

Between 2008 and 2018, average rents across the US rose by 34%, roughly four and a half times the 7.4% growth in median income.

Amazon’s Success Boils Down to Six Building Blocks


Replicate Amazon’s secret formula for winning big in the digital age. Having run strategy and leadership development programs across the Fortune 1000 for over the past 25 years, I’ve seen lots of business models. As I highlighted in a prior article on The Future of Seamless Shopping , nothing currently parallels Amazon when it comes to innovation. Amazon’s management system is designed for speed, agility, and scale.

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Indistractable: How to Control Your Attention and Choose Your Life with Nir Eyal

Speaker: Nir Eyal

Ever get the feeling the world is full of too many distractions? Research shows the ability to stay focused is a competitive advantage, in work and in life. However, in an age of ever-increasing demands on our attention how do we stay productive and stay sane? In this webinar, Nir provides research-backed, practical advice, and memorable strategies for managing distraction and our time. Nir Eyal shares findings of his five years of research into how to master what he calls, "the skill of the century," the power to be "Indistractable."

Positive Ways to Handle Employee Resignations


All good things come to an end. As an employer, this can ring true when your favorite employee springs up without warning, and tables a resignation letter. No matter the work environment you provide, there are things beyond your control that can see your employee of the year want to leave.

The Agile Manifesto Re-examined

The Future Shapers

The birth of the manifesto. Recently, Per-Magnus Skoogh (co-founder of Agile Extreme) invited me to meet Arie van Bennekum. Arie is one of the co-authors of the Agile Manifesto that was written by 17 independent thinkers in February of 2001 at a ski resort in Utah, USA.

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#1,601 – Universal Cancer Cure

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

It’s the Holy Grail of Modern Science. Something tantalizingly close yet forever out of reach. Something, that if it ever came to pass, would change everything. Irrevocably. And it may soon be within reach. That’s right. A cure for cancer is right around the corner.

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The End Of The Digital Revolution Is Coming: Here’s What’s Next

Innovation Excellence

The next era of computing will stretch our minds into a spooky new world that we’re just starting to understand. In 1946 the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer, or the ENIAC, was introduced. The world’s first commercial computer was intended to be used by the military to project the trajectory of missiles, doing in a. Innovation Technology quantum computing

Follow-Through Is More Important than Vision

Tullio Siragusa

Follow-Through Is More Important than Vision. Follow-through means accomplishing what you commit or plan to do in the best manner within a set time. When we make a commitment, we are always super-enthusiastic about making it happen. But when things become difficult, part of that enthusiasm fades away for most of us. We can start feeling a bit defeated and consequently give up honoring the commitment.

The Christensen Era

Bill Fischer

Clayton Christensen moved innovation from workshops to boardrooms. His insights provided a reliable concept of innovation-driven change, where it was possible to foresee the likelihood of disruption, and which legitimized innovation as a strategic asset for a firm. Here are the basics of his ideas

Building Healthy Innovation Ecosystems for Your Projects

Speaker: Nick Noreña, Innovation Coach and Advisor, Kromatic

In this webinar, Nick Noreña will walk through an Innovation Ecosystem Model that he and his team at Kromatic have developed to help investors, heads of product, teachers, and executives understand how they can best support innovation in their own ecosystem. He'll also go over metrics we can use to measure the health of our ecosystems as we build more resources for innovators.

Innovation is still being innovated - Part 2 of 2

Values Centered Innovation

The art and discipline of Innovation is still being innovated. And rightly so. It’s a never-ending journey, with notable milestones along the way.

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Employee Incentives That Actually Work

The Human Factor

Contributed post –. Some of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs are caused by staffing. How do you attract the best talent and then retain it? Many companies try all kinds of solutions to incentivise staff, and some of these ideas work better than others.

Protecting Your Business From Common Threats

The Human Factor

Contributed post-. When you own your own business, you have the responsibility of implementing safety and security features in order to protect your staff , your data and the hard work that has been put into creating your organisation.

How To Use Facebook To Grow Your Business

The Human Factor

Contributed post –. source. Every modern business owner knows how powerful social media is. It’s grown into such a vital tool to market your business with. Naturally, there are lots of social platforms you can utilize to get your company out there to thousands of people.

Legacy ECM: 4 Key Reasons to Modernize

Speaker: Chris McLaughlin, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Product Officer, Nuxeo

After 20 years of Enterprise Content Management (ECM), businesses still face many of the same challenges with finding and managing information. Join Chris McLaughlin, CMO and CPO of Nuxeo, as he examines four common business challenges that these legacy ECM systems pose and how they can be addressed with a more modern approach.

Could You Tackle These Booming Industries?

The Human Factor

Contributed post –. It’s common for people to set up one business, find it be successful, and then want to invest money into another business idea. Why not! The world is so business focused at the minute that everyone who has the willingness to do so, would be silly not to give it a go.