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2021 IdeaScale Innovation Management Award Winners


For 2021, IdeaScale has three new winners of the Innovation Management Awards: TriHealth for engaging nearly 80% of their workforce; Grant Thornton for pioneering work in automation; and Graybar for an exemplary innovation process. Best Innovation Process: Graybar. Best Engagement Strategy: TriHealth.

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Lessons Learned About Innovation Communications from the City of Calgary


If you’ve been following IdeaScale’s Innovation Management Awards , you know that this year saw some really thrilling innovation come from some unexpected places. In fact, government is sometimes seen as one of the least innovative industries , but some of our best stories this year came from the government.

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Five Must-Have Features for Innovation Management in 2024

PlanBox Innovation

As we embark on the “ corporate innovation odyssey ” that is 2024 (as Planbox CEO Ludwig Melik calls it), equipping ourselves with the right features in our innovation toolkit cannot be overstated. In this dynamic environment, creating an innovation approach that is as effective as it is exciting should be the focus of every innovator.

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Announcing the 2016 Innovation Management Award Winners


Having received some fantastic entries, we have officially chosen and are extremely pleased to share our winners for the 2016 Innovation Management Awards. This campaign spanned all methods of communication, including social media, newsletters, events, emails and more. What We Learned.

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Grow Like Flo in 2016: Taking the Lead from Progressive’s Crowdsourced Innovation Program


Here are a few things the team at Progressive is really, really good at: (1) creating one of the most iconic brand mascots to ever hit the insurance scene; (2) leading the charge in industry breakthroughs, like data-driven driving services; (3) developing awesome new products, services, and processes with crowdsourced innovation.

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Successfully Merging Theory and Practice in your Innovation Program


From 2003 to 2007, I have been in charge of the R&D project portfolio management line of business at a solution provider. T o overcome this challenge, and as innovation became a top priority, most companies have created diversified corporate innovation programs to generate new innovation projects.

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Key Issues in Innovation Management – Revisited – Part 2

Tim Kastelle

In part 1 of this post , Ralph revisited key innovation issues that were already addressed by us three years ago. It doesn’t always translate to managers, however. Co-Innovation and startup engagement. serve customer needs in the context of life events, rather than selling products. Who wants to be an exploiter?