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What is Innovation Management?


Navigating Innovation Management: Implement a Scalable Process and Engaging Platform for Enterprise Ideation and Collaboration Creating Open Innovation Solutions Regardless of your organization’s innovation portfolio size or scope, every business needs a strategy and competitive advantage for growth and technological advancement.

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4 Signs It’s Time to Hire an Innovation Management Consultant


Innovation management consulting has emerged as a profession as businesses, nonprofits, and other organizations have started prioritizing innovation. Innovation management consultants help organizations establish innovation programs and keep innovation on track. Idea Creation.


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The 7 Seeds of Idea Management Platform Success at Barenbrug Group


In the last piece, we shared 7 critical success factors for a three-horizon approach to innovation management. Defining a Clear Innovation Strategy The Barenbrug management team already had a clear strategy for the future. They have specified this in clear innovation targets and innovation themes.

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Innovation in Media – Renowned Swiss Publishing House Launches Qmarkets’ Idea Management Platform After Successful Pilot


Somedia – one of the largest media companies in Switzerland – have selected Qmarkets’ idea management platform to crowdsource ideas from their employees. This would lead to employees becoming frustrated and less likely to share ideas in the future.

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6 Key Dimensions for Assessing Innovation Management Software

Rallying corporate support to find the best idea management software is enough of a battle on its own - the selection process doesn't have to be. This guide was created to help you navigate the murky waters of innovation tools.

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What’s the Best Idea Criteria for Innovation Programs?


Some people are looking for financial predictions, some people want to know how an idea measures up to their organizational objectives, but everyone is looking for the perfect set of criteria so that they can evaluate ideas at some point during the innovation process and validate them. appeared first on Innovation Management.

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Imaginatik Charts the True Path-to-Value for Breakthrough and Continuous Innovation Management


BOSTON – March 1, 2018 – Today Imaginatik, the #1 ranked leader in corporate innovation management according to Forrester Research, announced a major update to its industry-leading Innovation Central software aimed at enabling enterprises to maximize their ROI from breakthrough and continuous innovation programs.