How to Build Knowledge-Based Companies?


Knowledge management improves organizational processes through a variety of different practices, and enhances learning, which can increase both follower engagement and personal development.

How has COVID-19 Accelerated Trends in Customer Service?


Trend Alert AI automation chatbot covid-19 crm customer loyalty customer satisfaction customer service knowledge base personalization remote working self serviceSince the outbreak of COVID-19, customer behavior has changed dramatically.


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The Complex and the Chaotic: Going Beyond Incremental Innovation

HYPE Innovation

Faced with the challenge of improving a product or service in the marketplace shouldn’t present too much of a problem for organizations with capabilities in managing and deploying their knowledge base. Innovation is easy. Or rather, certain kinds of innovation are. Using good market research to keep a finger on the pulse of customer needs and desires should give a clear steer about what to change as they progress along a well-established pathway.

What’s the Difference Between Innovation and Knowledge Transfer


With the increased adoption of computing, we’ve also tracked the rise of “distributed knowledge” databases like Quora or Wikipedia. What is interesting is how powerful these specialized knowledge bases can prove to be in the context of innovation. Strategy best practices distributed knowledge innovation knowledge transfer open government shared learnings us coast guard

Blockchain’s International Footprint


In the past, tapping into that knowledge base might have meant attending a few conferences, working the Valley’s network, and then calling it a day. Sometimes, when a breakthrough technology emerges, expertise is concentrated in a small group of specialists, and one or two regional ecosystems dominate the landscape. blockchain Tech Search Technology Search Tech Scouting Technology Scouting technology scout Technology Scout Tech Scout

Technology Scouting or Technology Landscaping: Tactics or Strategy?


Technology Scouting and Technology Landscaping often require disparate skill sets relying on experience with and access to complimentary knowledge bases (intellectual property, peer-reviewed literature, conference presentation, start-up investment, etc.).

Meet the New Aurea Support Portal: 6 Can’t-Miss Features


Here are some of the Portal’s most significant features: The new Knowledge Base - Our new Knowledge Base offers a single location where you can search documentation, published support knowledge, community postings, and even relevant cases you previously submitted. From the main AureaWorks Support Page, you can go into either Case Management or Knowledge Base, or you can go directly to the Aurea Support Portal.

Key Takeaways from April’s Open Innovation Summit


Encourage your team to broaden their horizons and to constantly update their knowledge base and skill set so when an opportunity comes along, they can grab it. The Open Innovation Summit is all about expanding innovation beyond a small committee or a lab in the building to your entire organization. Just like any other scaling project, taking innovation company-wide can come with unexpected obstacles.

Imaginatik Charts the True Path-to-Value for Breakthrough and Continuous Innovation Management


Now more than ever, enterprises need to tap into the deep knowledge base within their organization to identify the breakthrough opportunities for growth. New dashboard empowers enterprises to maximize their innovation outcomes and deliver business value.

Knowledge sharing in project teams is important to go beyond your limitations

Norbert Bol

Modern knowledge-based organizations face continuous challenges to remain competitive. One of the critical elements to achieve these results is knowledge sharing between team members. To facilitate the process of knowledge sharing it is necessary to create teams that have complementary skills and enough diversity. It is important to be aware of traditional thoughts and opinions that can prevent the knowledge sharing in project teams.

In a Digital World, Protect your Most Valuable Asset: Ideas

Daniel Burrus

Knowledge-based competitive advantages like trade secrets are best protected by documents such as confidentiality agreements and employee contracts. These days, data has become more valuable in our economy than oil.

How to communicate the Purpose of your Business in an authentic way?


Be-novative has won awards and the trust of worldwide multinational players as its clients and partners who are raving about how much they have achieved and engaged others thanks to the Design Thinking approach and psychology-based experience. Best practices from our Be-novative Partner Hub ??

Innovation by the numbers, the secret source in UAE

Innovation 360

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Vision 2021 is one of the most ambitious innovation visions on the planet, aiming for sustainability, health, education, renewable energy and a knowledge-based economy. All elements calling for the best of the best within innovation management.

How AI can Deliver Sales Innovation

Tullio Siragusa

By having knowledge of behaviors and the how-to science behind them, a business can increase sales and customer satisfaction. To help with this process, the company can provide access to expertise and actionable insights with knowledge base software enabled with artificial intelligence. The AI application then acts as a virtual assistant helping the representative appear more knowledgeable. Competition for the best and the largest customer base is fierce.

Employee Engagement Propels Innovation

Planview Spigit

Pfizer is using Spigit to run nine awards programs, building a knowledge base of 1,000 high-quality innovation stories and enabling sharing practices across its organization. Most companies will agree that innovation is critical to sustaining growth and remaining competitive. Creating a culture of innovation is seen by most business leaders as the number one way to drive innovation for the business. However, for this culture to exist, employee engagement is imperative.

How to Avoid Information Overload in Your L&D Programs


Look at the results of training sessions you’ve conducted in the past and ask yourself these questions: Was your team able to apply the new knowledge to their daily tasks? Did you check their knowledge base beforehand to remove topics that they already know well?

Book Chapter: Activities and Challenges in Environmental Scanning


First 3 predictions for post-COVID world

Jeffrey Phillips

I'll be calling out some implications and predictions based on this paper. Now, post COVID, many knowledge businesses are sending people home "forever". Property values and income streams may weaken, the tax base may suffer.

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How to Optimize Your Investments through Refundable Tax Credits

Innovators Alliance

You’re trying to achieve a commercial initiative and somewhere along the way you realize that you don’t have the technological knowledge-base to overcome a problem you’re presented with. Remember this: the resultant knowledge that is generated through a systematic investigation is considered technological advancement. There’s no question that Canadians recognize the importance of innovation ; it’s why we’ve gone to such great lengths to be on the forefront in this area.

Book Chapter: Activities and Challenges in Environmental Scanning


Different Types of Knowledge and What They Mean For Your Organization


Every successful company or organization in the world is built upon the same foundation: knowledge. And this makes sense; after all, if a company isn’t built around knowledgeknowledge of the customer, knowledge of efficient internal and external processes, knowledge of the market in which the company operates, and more—it simply won’t be able to function in the first place. You need to implement knowledge management. Identify Knowledge to Focus On.

Collaboration During Pandemics Through The Modern Digital Workplace


Over the next few weeks, migrate your data and documents from local, on-premise systems to modern cloud-based applications. Here are some important digital collaboration tools: Productivity suites for knowledge sharing: Office 365 and G Suite.

Kindling's Roadmap & Transitioning to Spigit


Spigit offers a robust support site with the ability to report issues, ask questions, and search the knowledge base (which will include Kindling Academy) all in one place. Following up on the announcement of our acquisition by Spigit , we are sharing the Kindling product roadmap and our plans for ongoing support.

Three principles to help you generate better ideas

Jeffrey Phillips

It's interesting to me how little we appreciate the depth of knowledge and discipline that has been developed over the years where innovation is concerned. Recently a client asked me where we (OVO) based our methodologies. I told her that like most innovation consulting firms our foundations are based on work done in the 1930s and thereabouts by Alex Osborn. A lot of innovation and creativity is based on Osborn's work, supplemented by Parnes and others.

The Eastern Europe Innovation Problem

The Future Shapers

Focusing towards knowledge-based industries should reduce the gap towards the West in the future. Well that’s a thought provoking headline? How can I say something about the problem that reflects so many countries and is such a big part of Europe? Do Eastern European countries really have a problem with innovation? First, I must go back to my childhood to remember the times of communism in former Yugoslavia. The country had its own kind of this totalitarian system.

The Arrival and Potential of Knowledge Graphs into Our World

Paul Hobcraft

Knowledge Graphs have a real potential to become highly valuable, topical and relevant. If any of these “constraints” are the case, then we do need to “hack this” differently, as Knowledge Graphs has what I see an incredible potential, as an application solution that should be deemed as far too important to keep under wraps. Here I want to give a deeper explanation of knowledge graphs- a ‘potted’ history and future view.

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Change Management and Open Innovation: Know the Pillars of Digital Transformation


In this article, you’ll see how this as well as open innovation are at the base of Digital Transformation. Traditional organizational culture is based on specific beliefs: No one can do this better than we can. Adaptation of the knowledge base, according to market changes.

4 Resources for Growing and Transforming Your Enterprise

Moves the Needle

Outlined in the book is Johnson’s methodology for understanding and identifying what your team already knows and separating that knowledge base from what they need to learn. Traditionally, agile processes have been limited to technology-driven teams, engineering and code-based teams. Holiday Must-Reads for Executives of Forward-Thinking Organizations The temperature has dropped for those of us situated in the Northern Hemisphere, and the holiday season is already upon us.

Why Many Mid-Career Marketers Are Dinosaurs and Not Great Social Media Strategists


I’m continually moving between intense analytical and creative roles in developing and executing content-based workflows. As workshop presenters continued, I recalled that in the corporate world, I told media buyers that I’d ask questions, but I understood they had a knowledge base that was difficult to have without living in their world. I spoke about Social-First Content at the April 2017 Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago.

Protecting Your Intellectual Property, Products and Brand

Daniel Burrus

Trade Secrets Are Your Competitive Advantages: Knowledge-based competitive advantages like trade secrets are best protected by documents such as confidentiality agreements and employee contracts. A key to success is to develop an IP strategy based on your long-term objectives. The technology change curve continues to steepen, with an increasing number of entrepreneurs developing innovative processes, services and products.

Innovation Ecosystem “Tools” That Don’t Cost Anything


Once you have this knowledge, write it down (!) a web-based “meeting” where participants can join from anywhere in the world using an internet connection and a link. Their journey may be a great inspiration to others, but they are not based where you are today. If you create a web-based event with them, distance is no longer an obstacle. 7) Database for Opportunities and Knowledge When creating a vibrant innovation space, knowledge is key.

Tools 40

Wix Answers: The Most Complete All-In-One Customer Support Solution For Startups


Wix, a company that let’s anyone create a website without any technical knowledge, recently launched Wix Answers; a help desk support software solution they built to support their 120 million users. Enter cloud-based help desk solution. Wix Answers is a free, cloud-based help desk support software which allows you to add a help center to your website, with a knowledge base, multi-channel ticketing system and built-in call center.

The interplay between innovation, creativity, and consciousness


It enables us to extend their feeling and thinking processes and knowledge base. Innovation consulting can be a lonely place for a woman to play, especially in a conventional, male-oriented, and competitive marketplace like Melbourne is today. Making networking a key way of enhancing my intellectual, emotional and social capital, consciousness and creativity. Involving going out of my way to meet people with different business and life experiences, backgrounds and perspectives.

Open Innovation: definition, what types and benefits


We could summarize open innovation as the use of inflows and outflows of knowledge to accelerate internal innovation and expand markets. According to the author, it is the use of intentional knowledge flows to accelerate internal innovative power and expand markets for external use of innovation. But that would be far less than the concept can embrace. In this article, we go further. Keep reading to understand in depth what open innovation is and how it can be used in your business!

6 Reasons Your Intranet Is Facing Low User Adoption


2.Not making the intranet a central knowledge hub. Getting the scattered data that is isolated between shared drives, knowledge base and other digital data to one place is one of the most valuable benefits of an intranet in the first place. It is estimated that 19% of all working hours in the modern enterprise are wasted looking for the materials and knowledge needed to do a job.

eBook 67

Monitoring User Experience Through Product Usage Metrics

Boxes and Arrows

Note that metrics should be based on or be aligned with specific product goals—just because you can measure something doesn’t mean it matters to you or your business. The sample metrics below are meant to help teams think through what UX metrics may be useful to them based on their unique product and business goals; in fact, these metrics themselves can provide the basis for measurable goals/Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Traffic to online help/ knowledge base articles.

Why Is Innovation Important

Planview Spigit

The company runs nine award programs, which have built a knowledge base of more than 1,000 innovation stories and enabled sharing practices across the company. Over the years we have exhausted the term “innovation.” How many times have you heard “innovate or die” or read articles about how to create a culture of innovation? While the term might seem overused, it remains a critical way of thinking for any successful company.

How to build a chatbots development team


UX Writers feed chatbots the knowledge base and design its conversation manuals ensuring the robot always maintains its identity. We are talking about a whole team that thinks fondly about how chatbots will perform and interact with the public. Avatar, language, intelligence. There are many elements that are worked by the team, aiming to, not only meet the demands of the company and customers, but also, to convey the values and identity of the organization to the public.

Innovation is a Company Wide Responsibility


Such schemes place more emphasis on hiring the right people, preferably from the outside, and discounting the accomplishments of the people with the most knowledge about the company’s core competencies.

Understanding innovation's past leads to incredible insight

Jeffrey Phillips

They worked with their hands, with deep, innate knowledge about their services and skills. We retain many of the measures and metrics of an agrarian economy - taking vacations in the summer, planning and budgeting around an annual cycle, reporting on a quarterly basis - that have no real meaning in today's knowledge based economy that competes on a global basis. The dot com boom was based on research and technologies that were sparked during the Cold War.

The Value of Team Diversity


As evidence begins to accumulate, it’s becoming clear that you want smart people who think differently, who have been trained differently, went to different schools, have different knowledge bases. Question: what is the not-so-secret sauce that makes companies more innovative, creative and profitable? The answer is diversity, having a mix of genders, ages, races, cultural perspectives, expertise and ethnic backgrounds.

How to Innovate and Scale


Which skills and knowledge must be acquired? An organization’s strategy determines what kind of innovation is required based on its customer value proposition. Based on your specific case, it will be necessary to adjust the ratio according to your prevailing context and risk appetite. #4 With the Table of Strategic Elements (based on Cisco’s innovation approach), you finally bring together all of your single information into one easy visualization.

Choosing your direction of travel

Paul Hobcraft

You get the impression that all seem to be struggling with the ongoing pockets of internal silo’s, knowledge trapped or buried, determined that everything still must be invented inside and stay locked up inside. as a concept seems to be lagging perhaps in these industries, it is failing to really connect-up and leverage all that is within the “collective” ecosystem of scientific knowledge, it is safeguarded and protected behind closed doors and patents.