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How to Build Knowledge-Based Companies?


Knowledge management improves organizational processes through a variety of different practices, and enhances learning, which can increase both follower engagement and personal development. This article presents the two key steps of successful knowledge management that can be implemented by company executives.

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How Can Healthcare Marketers Navigate Reporting in a Post-OCR Guidance World that Aims to Protect Patient Privacy? 


An additional key piece of our new system is a knowledge base built from a well-established marketing mix model. But without this knowledge base, it’s difficult to evaluate the AI/XAI models you are using, and you may end up with unreliable results.

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The Building Blocks of the Innovation Ecosystem Narrative

Paul Hobcraft

Not only in thinking and design but in how we structure its architecture, one based on platforms, open apps, and a marketplace where like-minded people and organizations go and participate in building new impactful innovation solutions together. This needs to be in open, highly collaborative ecosystems.

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What is a Change Agent and How Can They Help Your Organization?


While they can be internal or external, change agents share the qualities of flexible thinking, a broad knowledge base, a results focus, positive influence in an organization, a willingness to take ownership of the change process, and strong communication skills. Where Do I Find Change Agents?

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Idea to Value

As more work is data and knowledge-based, there is exponentially more information which could be reviewed. As the company “matures”, stricter processes are put in place requiring information to be checked and assessed against standards which previously were more relaxed.

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The Complex and the Chaotic: Going Beyond Incremental Innovation

HYPE Innovation

Faced with the challenge of improving a product or service in the marketplace shouldn’t present too much of a problem for organizations with capabilities in managing and deploying their knowledge base.

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An ecosystem platform for innovation communities, with Lukas Strniste from Corporate Innovators

Rapid Innovation in digital time

Lukas Strniste takes us to his innovation ecosystem platform, with several modules monitored by the orchestrator of the ecosystem - eLearning, community, knowledge base, remote events, marketplace etc.