Knowledge sharing in project teams is important to go beyond your limitations

Norbert Bol

Modern knowledge-based organizations face continuous challenges to remain competitive. One of the critical elements to achieve these results is knowledge sharing between team members. To facilitate the process of knowledge sharing it is necessary to create teams that have complementary skills and enough diversity. It is important to be aware of traditional thoughts and opinions that can prevent the knowledge sharing in project teams.

Why Many Mid-Career Marketers Are Dinosaurs and Not Great Social Media Strategists


I’m continually moving between intense analytical and creative roles in developing and executing content-based workflows. I spoke about Social-First Content at the April 2017 Social Media Strategies Summit in Chicago.

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Three principles to help you generate better ideas

OVO Innovation

It's interesting to me how little we appreciate the depth of knowledge and discipline that has been developed over the years where innovation is concerned. Recently a client asked me where we (OVO) based our methodologies. I told her that like most innovation consulting firms our foundations are based on work done in the 1930s and thereabouts by Alex Osborn. A lot of innovation and creativity is based on Osborn's work, supplemented by Parnes and others.

The Lean Scale-Up: Innovation & Entrepreneurship for New Ventures

Open Innovation EU

Innovation is almost always focused on information, is knowledge-based, complex and customized – which shortens the time to market and increases first mover advantages. Many popular tools are based on this process view on organization design.


Understanding innovation's past leads to incredible insight

OVO Innovation

They worked with their hands, with deep, innate knowledge about their services and skills. We retain many of the measures and metrics of an agrarian economy - taking vacations in the summer, planning and budgeting around an annual cycle, reporting on a quarterly basis - that have no real meaning in today's knowledge based economy that competes on a global basis. The dot com boom was based on research and technologies that were sparked during the Cold War.