Strategy Implementation Process eBook – 10 Questions to Launch Successfully


For organizations implementing new initiatives this year, it’s a critical time to launch them successfully and make early course corrections on those that do not launch well. How solid is the strategy implementation process at your organization?

eBook 71

80 Fun Strategic Planning Activities and Ideas!


Of course, you dread them. If you’re intrigued by the possibilities, download our FREE eBook, “11 Fun Ideas for Strategic Planning.” Do you dread strategy meetings ?

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10 Years of Brainzooming to Help You Create Amazing Possibilities


They want to collaborate now and in the future. They now include: A variety of free eBooks. The new online course on simple strategic planning. Brainzooming Collaboration Idea Magnets Innovation Strategy

eBook 52

36 Articles to Explore Strategic Planning Process Activities


Strategic Thinking Exercises – Group Collaboration the Right Way. 3 Surprising Ways Online Collaboration Works. Big Strategy Statements – A Collaborative Way to Shape Your Strategic Direction. Of course, picking the right menu and bringing it to life is our specialty.

eBook 67

The 8 Smartest Solo Social Media Tips I’ve Yet to Try


Author Pam Didner was the first content marketing expert (affiliate link) I heard talk about consciously creating an eBook’s content with an eye toward short form content (i.e., I typically generate short content and piece it together later into eBooks.

eBook 64

Strategic Thinking: Short-Term Weakness, Long-Term Strength


We have considerable content on moving forward amid uncertainty (including the 4 Strategies for Implementing in Uncertain Times eBook), and we’re developing additional strategic thinking pieces on uncertainty and flexibility.

A Gen Xer Speaks to the Multi-generational Workforce


It is in the spirit of our mutual respect and collaboration, then, that I implore you to consider a simple upgrade to your modus operandus. Download our FREE “Taking the No Out of InNOvation eBook to help generate extreme creativity and boost your creative thinking skills!

eBook 81

Ten Years Now and Mike Brown Has a Blog


The truth, of course, is simpler and more complicated than that. Download our FREE “Taking the No Out of InNOvation eBook to help generate extreme creativity and boost your creative thinking skills!

3 Keys to Team Building Exercises that Create Impact


Too often, group activities intended to build team affiliation and collaboration are disconnected from meaningful objectives, resulting in no lasting business impact. Increasingly, we’re having groups create individual or collaborative content within team builders.

Leadership Strategy – How Much Teaching and Coaching Is Enough?


Are there areas where you dictate a course of action that would benefit from junior team members exerting greater independence? We have free Brainzooming eBooks for you to help navigate barriers and boost innovation! Brainzooming - All Posts Collaboration Creativity Guest author Innovation Performance Strategic Thinking leadership

Invention vs Innovation – 4 Must-Have Skills


Finally, they need to be great collaborators, because above all else, innovation is a team sport. A good collaborative exercise is to create a gallery of empathy interviews to bring your team and leadership through to immerse them in your customer’s world.

eBook 52

Content Marketing Strategy – An Offline Way to Plan Online Content


The end result, beyond emphasizing different messages with varied frequencies, is simple: over the course of the daily and Sunday calendars, approximately 95% of the Bible’s books are included through at least some passages. Our Newest Social Media eBook Is for You!

The EPIC International Summit: Does What it Says on the Tin


This, of course, created a breathing room most of us no longer have in our daily lives, and along with it, a sincere yearning to connect with others. (It’s On a recent Thursday I left my house at dark o’clock in order to get to the EPIC International Summit in time for check-in.

HR 4.0: how technology is transforming people management


One advantage that deserves to be highlighted and detailed is linked to the collaborative work of HR. leaders from all walks of the hierarchy participate in the day-to-day management of people; they have tools and methods that help them collaborate with HR by inserting good practices and intelligent routines into the organizational culture. To further deepen this theme, download the eBook Agile HR – How to implement it! Have you heard of HR 4.0?

Top Ways To Improve You Online Marketing

The Human Factor

You can have inputs in conversations and discussions which gives you the opportunity to reach out and share your business, only when it suits of course. Consider Collaborating . It might be a good idea to develop a free ebook or report that would benefit your consumer.

Great Ideas Aren’t Enough


I help companies create new and better experiences for their customers by leading teams to grow their creative confidence and collaborative output. Given this seeming “immunity to change,” how might we go about tilting and shifting a company’s course towards a more open mindset and creative practice? We’ve written a free eBook called The 3 Keys to Innovating Every Day to help illustrate why design thinking is such an effective approach to innovation.

Now Streaming: Extreme Creativity with Vickie Howell


Of course, he’s going to watch it. I was watching this all develop over the course of about eight years. Download our FREE “Taking the No Out of InNOvation eBook to help generate extreme creativity and boost your creative thinking skills!