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Fusing Human and Technology to Enable Innovation Ecosystems to Thrive

Paul Hobcraft

. “Fusing” human engagement with technology enablement involves creating a harmonious integration of human collaboration and technological tools to enable an ecosystem’s successful development and operation. You need those things before technology can add any value. Is that possible?

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Pace of Innovation – The Ultimate Competitive Advantage

Idea to Value

When we think of a business having a competitive advantage, we still tend to think of traditional economic moats such as a low-cost structure, economies of scale, or perhaps a more intangible moat like a strong brand. Thus, for most businesses, the only truly lasting source of competitive advantage these days is the pace of innovation.


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Are You Future-Proof? Preparing for Technological Disruptions

Phil McKinney

Have you ever stopped to wonder how ready you are for the inevitable future of technological advancements? We live in unprecedented technological advances, and with these advances come disruptions that can significantly impact our lives and businesses. The Impact of Not Preparing for Disruptions.

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How Technology is Empowering the Modern Property Manager

Business and Tech

Elizabeth Francisco, president of ResMan, offers expansive insights from being a woman in business to the rapid advancement of property management technology. Bias showed itself as I came up through the multifamily industry and then in technology with investors, peers, competitors, and prospective customers. What a great question.

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How Automation is Driving Efficiency Through the Last Mile of Reporting

Speaker: Jamie Eagan

As organizations strive for agility and efficiency, it's imperative for finance leaders to embrace innovative technologies and redefine traditional processes. Join us as we explore the pivotal role of digitalization and automation in reshaping what is commonly referred to as the “last mile of reporting”.

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12 Types of Innovation You Should Know in 2021


This helps to further their goals while also providing the opportunity to license or use joint ventures to share their under-utilized technology or processes. It can also refer to innovations that have a social purpose, such as distance learning and online volunteering. Closed Innovation. Social Innovation. Product Innovation.

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Thursday Theory Tips- Disruption, a theory of competition

Christensen Institute

Disruption, a theory of competition Recently, one of my colleagues framed disruption in a way that truly helped me better understand the theory. She called it a theory of competition. Note, that this is only the case in a competition of disruptive circumstances not in sustaining ones. Back to leveraging disruption theory to win.