Mon.Mar 27, 2023

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6 Key Benefits of Innovation Management Software | ITONICS


Digital transformation is changing the way we do business. Integrating digital technologies into all business areas fundamentally changes how organizations operate. Often requiring a meaningful cultural and behavioral shift, digital transformation can not only help you to streamline processes, save time and money, and increase profits but also enhances engagement and collaboration across your company.

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On the Pressing Need to Implement Telehealth Solutions Into Your Patient-Care Model

Business and Tech

Over the past 10 years, the U.S. telehealth market has grown significantly — increasing by over $22 billion from 2019 through 2023 alone, according to a report by IBISWorld , a leading industry-research firm. A lot of factors have contributed to this increase, including the COVID-19 pandemic, an aging U.S. population, and convenience (especially for mental health consultations).

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Cultivating Emotional Intelligence for Success in a Digital World

Tullio Siragusa

Cultivating Emotional Intelligence for Success in a Digital World The digital revolution has radically transformed the way we work, communicate, and interact with each other. As technology continues to advance, our reliance on digital tools and platforms has become an integral part of our lives. While technical skills are essential for thriving in this digital landscape, it’s crucial not to overlook the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ).

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A Founder Who Bootstrapped Her Jewelry Business with Just $1,000 Now Sees 7-Figure Revenue Because She Knew Something About Her Customers Nobody Else Did

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Meg Strachan, founder and CEO of lab-grown jewelry company Dorsey, personally packed and shipped every order until she hit $1 million in sales.

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Scan to Success: How to Leverage QR Codes for Offline and Online Marketing Power

Speaker: Corey Daugherty, Head of Business Development at Flowcode

Let's explore the transformative power of QR codes in bridging offline and online marketing worlds. 📲 This new webinar featuring Corey Daugherty of Flowcode will dive into how innovative QR technology not only enhances traditional marketing strategies, but also drives meaningful customer engagement and analytics. Register today to gain practical knowledge on using QR codes to increase conversion rates, optimize customer journeys, and ultimately unlock a new realm of marketing potential!

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Setting Sail for Success: The Importance of Corporate-Venture Alignment


Innov8rs | Establishing product-market fit is critical for any new corporate venture, but that's just one component of successful corporate venture building. As many of us know from first-hand experience, a venture's success is not guaranteed even with a product-market fit, as it may still face failure or termination by the corporation. To be successful, a venture must also match its mother company’s strategy at a given time.

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Innovation and the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse

Innovation Excellence

Why It’s Bad News and Good News for Corporate Innovation GUEST POST from Robyn Bolton Last week, as news of Silicon Valley Bank’s losses and eventual collapse, took over the news cycle, attention understandably turned to the devastating impact on the startup ecosystem.

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Measuring Open Innovation


Innov8rs | Corporates can’t build everything themselves- no matter how good they think they are. When it comes to innovation, some initiatives may be too risky or outside of a corporation's capability zone, leading to a longer learning curve. Other endeavors may be too new or too complicated to initiate, and corporates may not have all the required skills in-house.

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Getting Along: My Boss Doesn’t Trust Me

Harvard Business Review

HBR’s advice columnist offers three research-backed approaches to try.

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IN-PERSON Innovation Circle in New York

Innovation 360 Group

April 28, 09.30 AM ET Midtown Manhattan The post IN-PERSON Innovation Circle in New York appeared first on Innovation360.

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Are Your Digital Platforms Wasting Your Customers’ Time?

Harvard Business Review

Instead of just responding to requests, anticipate people’s needs.

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Don’t Get Left Behind: Leveraging Modern Product Management Across the Organization

Speaker: Kat Conner

The challenge of delivering the right product at the right time while aligning with strategic objectives is more pressing than ever. Product management is evolving and gaining greater recognition as the means to creating this connection. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to streamline your product development processes, infuse product thinking across the organization, and bridge the gap between vision and delivery.

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35 Prompts for Breaking Creative Rules


Looking for prompts for breaking creative rules and generating fresh ideas ?

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Why You Should Train as a Barista

Michael Roberto

The Wall Street Journal's Heather Haddon reported several days ago about the leadership transition at Starbucks. Laxman Narasimhan has taken over for Howard Schultz, who has completed his third stint at chief executive of the coffee chain. I found one element of the transition particularly interesting. Haddon notes that Narasimhan "spent 40 hours training to become a certified barista" and served coffee at cafes around the world.

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How to Get Better at Innovating as an Individual

Carla Johnson

March 28, 2023 Executives at every size company are looking for ways to be more effective with innovation. So, naturally, those executives hire a team of curious and inventive people to make up their research and development department.

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