Wed.Aug 10, 2022

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Getting more curious: Research shows that curiosity can be enhanced

Idea to Value

Curiosity has long been linked to being more creative. Along with being open to new experiences , being curious makes it more likely that you discover new and interesting knowledge which can then be combined in a creative way. A 2019 meta-analysis of 2,692 individuals showed that there was a strong positive link between being more curious and being more creative.

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Stop Ghosting and Start Saying No

Harvard Business Review

Five ways to manage your time and energy while following through on commitments.


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The first step is to understand the system as it is.

Mike Shipulski

If there’s a recurring problem, take the time to make sure the system hasn’t changed since last time and make sure the context and environment are still the same. If everything is the same, and there are no people involved in the system, it’s a problem that resides in the clear domain. Here’s a link from Dave Snowden who talks about the various domains.

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4 Ways to Communicate with More Empathy

Harvard Business Review

Not everyone is naturally empathic, but it’s a critical leadership skill.

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Brick & Mortar Retail Relevance: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve

Speaker: Jay Black, Senior Account Executive

Let's set the record straight: in-store retail isn't dead - it's evolving! Faced with the digital age and the demands of omnichannel shopping, some retailers are thriving while others are struggling to adapt. Join Jay Black in this exclusive session as he explores the strategies that set successful stores apart, including: Crafting unique and unforgettable in-store experiences 🛍️ Mastering the art of retail demands 🛒 Navigating inventory challenges in today's climate 📦 an

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Why the EU, UK, US, and Japan are Exploring Space-Based Solar Power


Throughout the twentieth century, Konstantin Tsiolkovsky’s idea that solar power stations in space could generate power was a source of creativity and inspiration for science fiction writers. Today, however, in conjunction with Peter Glaser’s 1973 patent for solar-powered satellites, the fiction of the past could be the answers of the future. Patent: METHOD AND APPARATUS FOR CONVERTING SOLAR RADIATION TO ELECTRICAL POWER (Source: Wellspring Scout ).

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Stop Offering Career Ladders. Start Offering Career Portfolios.

Harvard Business Review

Companies need a more holistic approach to developing talent.

Company 102
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Why Data-Based Decisions Will Lead You Straight to Hell

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Robyn Bolton Many years ago, Clay Christensen visited his firm where I was a partner and told us a story*. “I imagine the day I die and present myself at the entrance to Heaven,” he said. “The Lord will show me around, and the beauty and majesty will overcome me. Eventually, I […].

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