Mon.Aug 02, 2021

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Whitepaper: Stimulating and Measuring Open and Cross Innovation 


As two intermediaries from Hamburg that foster open and cross innovation processes, Science Scout (an initiative of Hamburg Innovation) and Cross Innovation Hub (Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft) joined forces to start a discussion around the stimulation and measurement of open and cross innovation processes. The post Whitepaper: Stimulating and Measuring Open and Cross Innovation appeared first on InnovationManagement.

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Functional fixedness bias, and how to overcome it

Idea to Value

When all you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail. One of the primary biases affecting innovation teams is called functional fixedness. This bias limits a person’s ability to only see an objects only in the way it is traditionally used. So for example, if a person has always worked with a hammer in order to hammer nails, and then needs a paperweight, some people would not think of using the hammer as the paperweight because “ that is not what it is used for “ In a

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Why Encourage Excellence instead of Perfection

Tullio Siragusa

Why Encourage Excellence instead of Perfection. Are you a perfectionist? Or do you strive for excellence? I’m afraid you’re mistaken if you assume these are the same thing. Although they are connected, they are the opposites of the same coin. They are so opposed to one another that the only way to accomplish excellence is to not want perfection. So, let’s look at the major distinctions between the two.

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The Key to Surviving a Digital Native Assault

Innovation Excellence

Digital transformation has become an overused buzzword, much like innovation, because consulting and technology companies see it as an opportunity to create FOMO (fear of missing out) in their clients.

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Implementing Intelligent Document Processing Solutions: Why It Works

See how companies like yours are tackling some of today’s most common business problems using AI-assisted automation for document processing. Manually capturing, extracting, and processing data within documents is a costly and outdated practice that’s holding your company back. IDP takes document processing to a whole new level so you can understand and use your data more effectively than ever before.

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The Diversification of Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Attendance

Business Innovation Brief Submitted Articles

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