Mon.Aug 08, 2022

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How Consensus Kills Innovation

Innovation Excellence

GUEST POST from Greg Satell “I hate consensus,” legendary Silicon Valley coach Bill Campbell used to growl. The problem, as the authors explain in the book, Trillion Dollar Coach, wasn’t that he didn’t want people to get along, but that an easy consensus often leads to groupthink and inferior decisions. It’s often just easier to […].

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The fear of business contagion requires different innovation response

Paul Hobcraft

Business contagion requires different innovative responses. We are presently facing a profound set of changes in the conditions that businesses operate within in the immediate years ahead, that of the fear of business contagion; these will need a different set of innovation shifts and responses to counter this and seize new opportunities. Over two posts, I want to lay out the underlying concerns (here) and the new dynamics we can deploy by changing how we undertake innovation as my second post.

Agile 219

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What is Stakeholder Theory? The Benefits of Applying it

Cascade Strategy

Stakeholder Theory Overview. Milton Friedman is one of the most famous economists of all time. He put forward a theory (among many others) that companies are ultimately beholden to just one stakeholder - their shareholders.

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Automaticity: A Thinking Trap?

Phil McKinney

Just as a car can be driven more smoothly and efficiently when the driver doesn't have to think about each action, so can our lives run more smoothly when some tasks are done automatically. For example, if you've ever ridden in a car with someone learning to drive, you know it's not a very smooth […].

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Scan to Success: How to Leverage QR Codes for Offline and Online Marketing Power

Speaker: Corey Daugherty, Head of Business Development at Flowcode

Let's explore the transformative power of QR codes in bridging offline and online marketing worlds. 📲 This new webinar featuring Corey Daugherty of Flowcode will dive into how innovative QR technology not only enhances traditional marketing strategies, but also drives meaningful customer engagement and analytics. Register today to gain practical knowledge on using QR codes to increase conversion rates, optimize customer journeys, and ultimately unlock a new realm of marketing potential!

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Turning Reverse Engineering of Business Goals into Strategies

Tullio Siragusa

Turning Reverse Engineering of Business Goals into Strategies. A lot of learning can come from reverse-engineering many things. In business it can be a creative process on how to bring about new change, and innovation. Tech Backstage interviewed Jason Jepson to learn more about reverse engineering. We talk about reverse-engineering outcomes into strategy, building and positioning for technology, and the ins and outs of storytelling.

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The Dos and Don’ts of Creating a Coaching Culture in the Office


Many leaders and professionals tend to assume that coaching is a formal discussion you have when someone is struggling. In fact, it’s actually an agile practice that can be weaved into virtually any type of interaction. It could be a conversation between a leader and team member or between 2 colleagues. Organizational leaders must understand the importance of creating a positive coaching culture—a workplace environment where development, feedback, mentoring, and growth opportunities are front an

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Becoming a RAD Organization

Moves the Needle

The goal of the book Disruption Proof is to help leaders and founders of companies to create what I call RAD companies, which stands for being resilient, aware, and dynamic. RAD requires new behaviors and skills for all, while also establishing new systems, processes, and structure to deal with an increasingly complex and uncertain world. Be Resilient.

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Factors That Influence the Adoption of Power BI Dashboards


The growing importance and relevance of leveraging data and business intelligence cannot be overstated in today’s highly digitized business landscape. The business intelligence (BI) market size is projected to reach $39.35 billion by 2027. Amongst the plethora of BI tools and solutions available in the market, Microsoft Power BI has emerged as the leading BI software, commanding a 36% market share in 2021.

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10 Principles of Effective Organizations

Harvard Business Review

Lessons from the field of organization development.

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Follow The Leader: Seafood Souq Co-Founder Fahim Al Qasimi Is Building "A UAE-Born Business That Will Change The World"

Entrepreneur - Innovation

Here's how Seafood Souq is capitalizing on the growing trend of supply chain awareness in the global seafood industry.

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Don’t Get Left Behind: Leveraging Modern Product Management Across the Organization

Speaker: Kat Conner

The challenge of delivering the right product at the right time while aligning with strategic objectives is more pressing than ever. Product management is evolving and gaining greater recognition as the means to creating this connection. Join our upcoming webinar and learn how to streamline your product development processes, infuse product thinking across the organization, and bridge the gap between vision and delivery.

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Audit Trails of Analytic Operations

Information Playground

Several years ago, in Dell's partnership with the Blocklab project at UC San Diego, we hypothesized that a distributed ledger can be a useful way to track analytic operations in a federated environment. We subsequently designed a test system that could record federated learning and analytics operations in a distributed environment, and set out to build an example of this test system at UCSD.

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Is Your Company Squandering Digital Opportunities?

Harvard Business Review

Five traps to watch out for.

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