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Get the most out of Zoom for virtual facilitation

The Future Shapers

Planning a virtual workshop? Here are top tips from an expert facilitator for how to run the most successful virtual workshops using Zoom. The post Get the most out of Zoom for virtual facilitation appeared first on The Future Shapers. Adaptability Innovation Tools Thought Leadership

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8 Major Challenges Faced By Data Scientists


8 Major Challenges faced by Data Scientists Organizations across the globe are looking to organize, process and unlock the value of the torrential amounts of data they generate and transform them into actionable and high value business insights.

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Employee Engagement Is About Building Trust

Tullio Siragusa

Employee Engagement Is About Building Trust. With the advent of modern communication technology, there has been a significant transformation on people’s expectation for transparency, access to information, and knowledge. Organizations are continuously trying to keep up, and in many cases, catch up. The success of any business depends greatly on the efficacy of the workforce, and the workforce can give its best only if there are effective communication strategies in place. .

7 Incentives to Increase Participation in a Crowdsourced Innovation Program


Every year, one question tops all the others that our customers might bring to us: how do I increase engagement in my innovation community? We see this question even in the most robust and activated innovation programs.

Scenario Planning in 2020: What You Should (and Shouldn’t) Be Doing

Innovation Leader

The business and societal impacts of the coronavirus pandemic will be “more like World War I or the Great Depression,” says Matthew Ranen, a scenario-planning consultant

To Meet Your Goals, Burn Your Ships


Stop Giving Yourself a Route Away from Your Goals Back during Greco-Roman times, a famous leader was landing a fleet of warships with thousands of men to seize land from the enemy. To ensure that his soldiers would not retreat, he commanded that the ships be burned, so that there was no turning back.

Connect the remote workforce and stand together


If you’re reading this you have the opportunity every single day to use the gifts you’ve been given to help someone else. This can mean the people in your home, your community or your workplace. The workplace has historically been a huge network of support. Employee Engagement Employee Culture

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Nearshore Outsourcing: what is it, how does it work and what are its advantages?


Zygmunt Bauman calls this transition that we live in times of interregnum. We are between what is no longer is and what is not yet. The old model no longer serves us and the new one is not yet ready. But do not worry! We believe that many things will change for the better within this scenario of chaos and collapse. It requires discipline and resilience to sustain these transitions until we are fully adapted. We know that building this new normal is a very big challenge.

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#1,772 – Space Week: South Korea’s COVID-19 Drone Display

Greatest. Idea. Ever.

Space week is back! It’s like Shark Week but not as deadly and way cooler since it’s all about space, flight, and the night sky! This week we kick things off with a coronavirus related story.

Innovation and COVID-19: consolidating an environment in permanent beta state


COVID-19 has highlighted the exiting perception that we live in a world in constant beta state, demanding more capacity for innovation and adaptability from organizations. The pandemic has disrupted our normality and even threatened the short-term survival of many businesses.

How to Work Smart and Not Hard

The Human Factor

source. As you grow older, it’s very easy to feel like there are not enough hours in the day. In fact, it’s enough to make you crave the days when you had nothing but time.

Farming for Dissent at Netflix

Michael Roberto

Source: Wikimedia Yesterday, I listened to the first episode of the Recode by Vox podcast, Land of the Giants: The Netflix Effect. The episode focuses on Netflix's vaunted corporate culture.

7 Big Mistakes To Avoid When Communicating With Customers

The Human Factor

Communicating is so important in business, and if your customers cannot reach you easily, it has a big impact on their experience with your company.

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DANIEL PINK: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Idea Champions

What does it take to learn anything some from somebody else? Idea Champions